A stunner named Sarah

By Kaukab Jahan
Tue, 10, 22

This week meet the strikingly beautiful and talented Sarah Khan, who in an exclusive interview with You! shares her journey and beauty secrets with our readers...

A stunner named Sarah


Sarah Khan is one of the most beautiful, stylish and talented actresses of our country. She made her acting debut with a supporting role in 2012 with drama serial ‘Badi Aapa’. Khan is best known for her portrayal as Miraal in drama ‘Sabaat’ (2020). She also showed her acting skills in hit serials like ‘Alvida’ (2015) ‘Belapur Ki Dayan’ (2018), ‘Raqs-e-Bismil’ (2020) and ‘Laapata’ (2021). Currently, she is starring in drama serial ‘Wabaal’. This scribe met Khan on the sets of ‘Wabaal’ where she talked about her role in ‘Wabaal’ and other important things in her life. This gorgeous actor also shared her beauty secrets with our readers...

Why did you choose ‘Wabaal’?

I chose ‘Wabaal’ as it was a different script. It is the story of a greedy yet irresponsible girl, which I found very interesting. As the story progresses, we see that the character of Anum would tilt towards negativity.

A stunner named Sarah

Unlike your real personality, you often opt for roles which are either negative or fall into the grey category, why?

I think an actor should choose roles which are at contrast with his or her actual self. I am offered many roles which are more suited to my personality and I am sure they would be easier for me to perform but it doesn’t give me inner satisfaction. Like in ‘Wabaal’ I am enjoying playing Anum, who, in order to fulfil her greed, borrows dresses and money is willing to do anything and even gets held in police custody. I have never done this type of character before.

We see you in a very different style in Wabaal. Did you do it for the character of Anum?

Yes. I cut my hair for the character. Anum, who actually belongs to the lower income class, wants to look like an upper-class girl. She believes that short hair will make her appear classy and stylish.

Do you agree that there is a lot of violence on women being shown in Pakistani dramas?

Violence in any form should not be promoted. Normally, in dramas violence is presented in exaggerated ways. We are fond of shows on OTT platforms which have an extreme form of violence in them. But whatever they present, it is always with logic. Yes, we need to change our stories, which should not show suppressed, helpless women.

A stunner named Sarah

What about working in a feature film?

If I am offered a unique story I will go for it. Moreover, there are some limits, which I can’t go beyond. This is the reason that I have not done any film yet, but when I find a film in which I can work within my boundaries then why not.

Any actor you want to work with...

Actually, I enjoy working with new talent for which I am often criticised for but I think newcomers are very enthusiastic and work really hard. New comers are very passionate about everything which drives energy in you as well.

How do you manage/ keep balance work and family?

I manage it well. Actually I never left acting in all these years even in my pregnancy. I worked till my seven months of pregnancy in ‘Laapata’; I did Ramazan special play this year when my daughter Alyana was just three months old and now doing ‘Wabaal’. Actually this is not as difficult as we usually make it. Most women find it hard to balance between work, children and added responsibilities. Yes, it is true that your priorities change, but nothing is impossible. It can be managed easily when your partner is supportive. I remain relaxed as my husband Falak has always been there for me. So, till now, I don’t feel that I should take a break from acting.

Our actors are trolled too much on social media. How do you cope with it?

I think it happens everywhere in the world where the showbiz industry exists. But sometimes people react so harshly which directly hits you. It actually hurts you. But at the same time, I realise that if I am posting something on my social media, then I will have to accept that people are free to comment on it.

A stunner named Sarah


How old were you, when you started doing your makeup?

I was about 11 when I signed my first project. When they did my makeup it was so horrible that I decided to do it myself. I learned the art for a couple of years before starting it. Till date, the practice is carried on whether it is my drama or commercial shoots.

Your beauty regimen...

A stunner named Sarah

My beauty regimen is my skincare. I put five to six layers of skincare before wearing any makeup. I don’t clean my makeup with any makeup remover but with a good coconut oil massage. After the wash comes two types of serums, then night cream and if it is becoming dry I put moisturiser as well. I finish it with a spray before going to sleep.

What type of skin do you have?

I have oily skin. It is a myth that oily skin doesn’t need much moisturiser. If we leave oily skin on its own, it starts to produce excess oil which causes lots of other problems.

When stepping out, do you wear makeup all the time?

Off-screen, I go out without makeup. It is just my serum and sunblock.

What’s in your beauty bag?

I have a very little beauty bag which consists of lip balm (I can’t bear chapped lips), a gel-based sunblock for my oily skin, compact face powder, mascara and lipsticks mostly of bronzes and peaches. I sometimes mix two or three shades of lipstick to make one.

Your favourite local stylist:

My favourite stylist in western look is

Wardha and if I need something customised, then Mavi Kayani and for Eastern styling Aarinda Tul Noor. She has an awesome collection of Eastern jewellery.

What does your everyday makeup look like?

My everyday makeup is very quick even on shoots. I come on sets with my basic moisturiser. I first apply my concealer then a very light layer of base just to give the skin a smooth texture. Without contouring, my makeup is incomplete. I don’t bother to apply blush. Many a time it is lipstick for blush as well. Then lengthening mascara is very important. I finish it with compact powder because of the heavy under-layers of moisturiser.

A stunner named Sarah

Your favourite international beautician:

There was a time when I was inspired by international beauticians and used to copy their tutorials like Kim Kardashian style of makeup but not anymore. I realised western style has too many layers of makeup and a lot of fake eyelashes. Carrying them is not my cup of tea.

Your go-to place for hair and makeup?

Akif Ilyas. My first project was with him around 10 years back. Since that day, I have preferred him for my hair and makeup for certain shoots. He transforms you completely. It is a bit heavy but if you really require that transformation for a specific project, then Akif is the best.

Where do you go for your makeup shopping?

These days my husband Falak is doing this job. I give him a list, whenever he is on a foreign tour, however, if something is not available, he messages me what is available and sometimes applies it on his hands and asks me if it is what I want. But when I am traveling by myself then I prefer to go to my favourite stores like ‘Sephora’ or ‘It Cosmetics’ where everything is available.