By A. Akmal
Tue, 07, 22

This week You! brings to you chocolate-inspired makeovers so you can enjoy the benefits without the calories…



Ahh, chocolate! It’s a wonderfully delicious thing! Not only does it satisfy one’s sweet tooth in every form of dessert, but it’s also pleasing to the eyes. And we don’t just mean lipstick in a luscious shade of chocolate or cosmetic packaging that looks so good enough to eat. We are talking about chocolate brown hair, brown smokeys, bronzed outfits with some flicker of gold. Every year on July 7th, the world celebrates World Chocolate Day, because why not! In honour of this delectable confectionary, this week You! brings to you chocolate-inspired makeovers so you can enjoy the benefits without the calories…

Dark chocolate eyes

Let’s begin with the eyes! There is so much that you can do with eye makeup. Whether you are looking for an effortless look or something intricate and detailed, there is something for everyone. But before you start creating a brown smokey eye, or any makeup look for that matter, you should always kick things off with primer. Makeup primer helps to give your face a smooth base for an even application that goes the distance. Start by smoothing a thin layer of primer and once it’s dry, you’re ready for the next step. You can also dab a little bit of foundation (or whatever non-greasy base you’re applying) with a beauty sponge instead.

Secondly, make sure to do your brows first because to make your look pop, you must have your brows on fleek! Moreover, there are so many chocolate-themed eye palettes in the market that can easily help you achieve your desired look. From the Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar and the Chocolate Gold palette to Covergirl’s TruNaked Eyeshadow palette in Chocoholic, it will bring out your inner artist.

To achieve a minimalist look, concentrate on accentuating the eyes, while keeping the rest of the face nude. Ombré for your eyelids is your best bet to ace this look. Use a dark brown eyeshadow close to your lash line and follow that up with a lighter shade of brown as you go upwards. Make sure that you are blending it in all well so it looks seamless.

For some shimmer and shine, champagne and rose golds shimmers would complement your eye look the best while staying true to the theme.

For a bold look, you can opt for a neutral matte shade to create a base for a shimmer. Line the lash line with some kohl and blend it out with a small blending brush. Top it off with some bronze shimmer. Apart from bronze, you can even opt for a maroon shimmer to add that extra oomph!


Lip-smacking goodness

When it comes to chocolate-inspired things, the first hue that would pop up in your mind would be different shades of brown. However, that’s not the only colour for this treat. We have different kinds of chocolates ranging from dark, white, milk and even ruby which is an absolutely gorgeous hue. So, while you may think your choco-look would mostly be about nude lipsticks, well… that’s not the case at all. Apart from nudes and browns, there are different shades of tawny pinks, vampy burgundy to orangey reds that all fall in this category. There are many brands that came out with entire collections of choco-themes lip products. For instance, there is L’Oréal’s Les Chocolates, Too Faced’s Melted Chocolate range and there are some shades in Luscious Cosmetics that you will find quite appealing.

Melting balayage

Dark, rich chocolate brown hair oozes an essence of sex appeal that can’t be denied. The shade complements so many features, bringing out green, hazel, and brown eyes; not to mention it looks totally gorgeous with a golden, bronzy makeup look. It just looks great in all seasons, making for a look that’s chic, classic, and alluring all at the same time. Whether you’re looking for something natural or going for a dramatic style evolution, this hair colour looks amazing on every person. The beauty of chocolate brown is how versatile it could be.

When choosing your shade, the more shine you want, the darker you should go as darker hair naturally reflects more light. Oftentimes, you will see chocolate brown as part of melted hairstyles. When choosing a dye, you could keep it one rich, dark all-over shade, or play around with some subtle lighter pieces throughout the hair.


Of caramels & oozing confidence

We have very well established that the chocolate hue is versatile and easily suits every skin tone and every body type. This hue is essentially classified as a neutral shade and it can be matched with virtually any colour. While it’s easy to don an entirely brown outfit, the trick is to find the right shades that would complement your outfit. The most popular colours are mint green, beige and light grey, although the vibrant and bright colours really set it off. While it looks great with dark colours as well, we just have to make sure that colour combination has not turned grim. All you can do is differ in brightness variations to the hue for different occasions. The white, blue, pale lemon, red or pink are a great option. Moreover, if you are going for a formal look or you want to stand out, opt for black, navy, olive green or caramel.


The assorted gems

No look is complete without the right kind of accessories. Understanding a bit about how your jewellery interacts with the tone of your dress will make it easy to choose the perfect accessories for a polished, put-together look.

Cool brown fabric has undertones of grey, blue, or green. You’ll need to choose jewellery that works with, rather than against, these tones. Stick with silver, white gold, or platinum for metals. You can wear a pair of simple hoop earrings or a basic chain.

Warm browns have undertones of red, orange, yellow, and pink, and they look fantastic with jewellery that mirrors these tones. Choose hoop earrings, simple chains, and other metals in yellow gold, rose gold, and copper tones. Because it is warmer than other white metals, white gold can also work when set with warm-toned gems such as peridot, rose quartz, garnet, fire opal or citrine. For those who don’t fall in either of these categories, they can opt for pearls, mixed metals or diamonds!