By A. Jafri
Tue, 06, 22

This week You! rounded up some fantastic gift ideas for Father’s Day 2022…


gift ideas

They say a father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way. Fathers do so much for us, selflessly and unconditionally, and they wouldn’t want anything in return. So, it’s only right that we show them how much we appreciate them through little gestures! Whether you are shopping for an aging parent, a cool dad, or a first-time father, we all know dads who, no matter how much you beg for a hint, “don't need anything” for Father’s Day. And while that’s well and good (and incredibly unhelpful), no one wants to be caught empty-handed come Sunday, June 19. Therefore, for the struggling gift-givers out there, this week You! rounded up some fantastic gift ideas for Father’s Day 2022…

A smartwatch for a smart dad


If he doesn’t already have one, this will be an amazing gift for him. Smartwatches are getting smarter day by day and more useful for every age. It not only provides calories burned throughout the day but can provide you much detail. Now, some even offer ECG tracking, which can help your dad keep a track of his health. Moreover, it gives you call control on the wrist and entertainment for dull moments. He will appreciate this new shift to technology!

Introduce him to the wire-free life

While dads can be really crafty and nifty, we know that fiddling with useless wires may not be something that he is a fan of. This Father’s Day, you can help make his life a little easier with a wireless charging station. All he needs to do is keep his phone on the device and it charges it. Moreover, if he is a busy bee and needs to stay connected for his work or other engagements, get him a Magnetic Wireless Power Bank. He can just attach this magnetic power bank to the back of his phone to give it instant juice. It even comes with a pop-out ring, so he can keep a firm grip when he’s out and about.

Wireless headphones or earphones


Does he love music? Bingo! This is a gift that he needs. Even if he is not into music, he must like to watch videos on his phone while scrolling or maybe he might like listening to the news! This works for all ages. Whether he is a new dad who needs a little break or a workaholic who will find some convenience with your present!

A manual for new dads

Whether he’s a new dad or a dad-to-be, a little preparedness will go a long way. You can find some good reading material to get him started on his new journey. Fatherhood can be immensely confusing and it would really help if someone got crucial tips and advice from a man’s point of view, too. There are some really good books out there that are not just light-hearted but also offer surprisingly practical advice regarding surviving and thriving through even the queasiest moments.

A care package for him


Get daddio hooked on to some pampering for his hair and skin through a care package. You can either make one or have a readymade one from the market. More often than not, fathers will sacrifice their well-being for the sake of their families. Take this chance to show him the wonders of hair and skin care!

A gardening kit

Has your dad recently retired and is looking for an activity? Well, let’s get him into gardening. It doesn’t require much labour but it is very therapeutic (and rewarding) once you get into it. There is a whole array of great plants and flowers that your dad will love, plus some other gifting bundles that makes last-minute gifting a breeze. You can create the kit very easily or find a ready-made online from local businesses. There are many eco-friendly businesses that encourage planting and growing your vegetable garden. Some will even give a complimentary packet of seeds to get you started with a whole instruction manual.

Personalised scratch-off poster

Encourage your dad to watch all of the classics that he has been putting off. Design him poster that lists all his favourite movies or activities that he wants to do. He can scratch off the squares as he goes and the entire family may want to join in on the fun! This is a really versatile option and can work with anything.

Plan the day together

If you live afar, what’s a better gift than to give him a surprise visit! Even better, you can plan a trip with him as there really is nothing like sharing a memory with travel (if you have the budget). Otherwise, take dad somewhere fun this year, which is also a great last-minute plan. Whether it is a picnic by the beach or a farmhouse, a small road trip or a nice dinner together, catch up with him. If you want to show someone how much you care for them, cook for them! Plan a dinner at home, and treat him to all his favourite foods and desserts. Another budget-friendly alternative is to cook his favourite foods and desserts. This gesture will mean a lot to him since you would be putting in so much effort in it. It might even be the best Father’s day that he’s had!

Let him know you love him…

Make the effort to show him that you appreciate him even if it is by giving him flowers or a witty card (nobody appreciates a good pun quite like your dad). You can even make a journal for him with all your best memories with him compiled. He can look through them whenever he likes and it surely bring a smile on his face and warm his heart. Anything you do for him or get for him will be precious because it came from you. And remember, when in doubt, the best present comes from the heart.