Women of substance!

By A. Jafri
Tue, 10, 21

This is why we need more women in work spaces and as mentors to guide budding young women professionals....

Women of substance!

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The future is better with women at every table where decisions are being made. Trailblazing women have been claiming their space and demanding women’s inclusion and equality throughout history, and now it’s on us.

From athletes to executives, women leaders have inspired women and girls from all walks of life to strive for their dreams. They defy gender stereotypes and shift attitudes about gender roles, they provide safe and fair spaces for women and girls, and teach them about teamwork and perseverance. This is why we need more women in work spaces and as mentors to guide budding young women professionals.

Recently, a dynamic networking session was held at a private venue in Karachi. It featured 30 incredible women leaders – including Pakistan’s first oceanographer Dr Nuzhat Khan, leading geologist Noushaba Hisam, first transgender lawyer Nisha Rao, spa guru Laeeq Akbar, Director of Mohatta Palace Museum Nasreen Askari, TV host Sidra Iqbal, handicapable Chocolate Queen Sana Nadeem, et al – as well as 10 incredible men including sculptor Amin Gulgee and French Consul General Christian Tessot. Dr Shamshad Akhtar attended the event as the guest of honour.

“We’re transforming the way power spaces and networking at the highest level takes place as we’re placing women front row and centre in these conversations, having voice and respect from the get go, with select inclusion of male champions for gender inclusion, diversity and women empowerment. And then growing this pool as agents of change,” stated Ladiesfund President Tara Uzra Dawood.

Christian Testot, French Consul General to Karachi, enthused, “This was an extraordinary event for me to attend. I have served in many Arab and Muslim countries, but have not experienced such a high powered meeting that primarily featured women leaders, and across so many sectors.”

“I had an amazing experience of attending the Power Lunch recently. I was delighted to meet professional women and men who are doing commendable work in their respective fields. More power to the team!” expressed journalist Erum Noor Muzaffar.

“I am grateful to the foundation for organising such diversified group of intercultural intelligent beautiful women and supporting men also. This world is incomplete without all of us,” said Dr Nuzhat Khan, Pakistan’s first female oceanographer.

Finally, Federal Maritime Affairs Minister Ali Zaidi commented, “Really thankful to Tara Uzra Dawood for inviting me to the LFPower29 lunch. Best of luck going forward, would love to assist in any way I can.”

– A. Jafri