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Tue, 01, 16

Bridal fashion is moving towards simplicity blended with elegance.


Bridal fashion is moving towards simplicity blended with elegance. The current bridal makeup is chic and subtle replete with all the right fashion accessories...

In our part of the world New Year is usually associated with weddings and this year is no different. The herald of wedding season calls for wedding preparations. The businesses of marriage halls, beauty salons, caterers, event managers, jewellery designers, professional photographers and bridal designers take momentum during this season. One hardly sees any vacant marriage hall. One cannot walk or move in a street in late evening without missing a colourful marriage ceremony or two decorated with colourful illumination. It’s that time of the year when designers have no time to take further orders; tailors are in demand, when caterers are all booked, and beauticians are all busy decking up brides. This week we take a look at some of the bridal trends including jewellery and makeup:

Latest bridal trends:

Bridal fashion is moving towards simplicity blended with elegance. Today brides prefer a minimalistic look, a balance of modern with the tradition in their wedding dresses. Yet, there are brides who don’t mind being more colourful or going for the mix and match look. Many designers combine the look of the modern world and the traditional wedding dress designs. The result is some cool designs which look very Pakistani but show some western influence.

The contemporary bridal wear is now complemented with interesting fashion accessories be it the jewellery, or the sequined clutch bags. The sandals not only match the trousseau in terms of colour but also come with fine embroidery and gems. Brides-to-be can get a wide range of short or high heeled sandals at any store. Handbags for brides are yet another fashion accessory which is available in wide range of variety. These accessories and bridal dress together make a fashion statement for brides.

Jewellery trends:

Traditionally, wedding jewellery is kept simple and feminine so that it accentuates the bride and her dress. This year however, big, bold jewellery is taking over the wedding scene. If you are going for the vintage themed wedding then vintage gold wedding jewellery is what to take into account. Diamonds, rubies and other precious stones encrusted in white gold or platinum have become increasingly popular with the brides.

Another rage among brides these days is kundan jewellery - one of the oldest forms of jewellery. Authentic kundan gold jewellery sets have made its way into every traditional wedding. You’ll find affordable and beautiful kundan jewellery in distinctive designs that look as pure as gold, especially if you opt for those gold plated and heavy ones.

Make-up trends:

Contouring: Contouring was huge in 2015 and it seems the trend to create the most chiseled jaw-line, high cheekbones and perfectly angular nose is going nowhere for 2016. Nailing this technique can really transform your bridal look and sculpt your face, ensuring you look picture perfect for your big day. A New Year means a development in the trend and for the contour-loving brides of 2016, it’s all done with a twist of colour to make you stand out from the bridal party. Be careful not to be too heavy-handed or too bold with colour though; all this look needs is slighter darker shades such as peachier or rose-coloured tones for the cheekbones.

Bronzer: Brides can also choose to use their bronzer as one of their powders which will bring warmth to their face. The combination of bronzer, blush and a highlighting powder will add more dimension to your face ensuring you don’t appear washed out in your all-important wedding photos. Perfectly sculpted brows will add definition to your face. Typically your eyebrows frame your face and help to highlight your bone structure. Filling in your brows and having them perfectly groomed is vital to achieving a flawless bridal look.

The classic Cat-eye: A popular trend in the makeup world for quite some time, winged eyeliner is transitioning into a favourite look for brides. Previously considered too dramatic and daring for brides, makeup artists are lessening the impact by creating more subtle versions of this appealing trend. Diffused styles of winged eyeliner feature thinner, less dramatic lines with delicate flicks or bold lines with an ever so slight feline flick.

Pink lips: Think the English Rose look for your bridal lip trend of 2016. Feminine, soft and subtle is the way forward for your soup coolers. The bridal lip colours in 2016 will be nude, pale pink or soft peach. These subtle shades will add a sensual touch to your chosen look on a great day in your life.


Text: Sadaf Jabeen

Model: Amna Babar

Designer: Saira Shakira

Collection: ‘Seeking Paradise’


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