A beauty connoisseur

By Iqra Sarfaraz
Tue, 06, 21

This week You! talks to Karachi-based beautician and influencer Natasha Ali Lakhani on summer hair and makeup trends…

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While beauty was restricted to the confines of our own homes not too long ago, today it is a million dollar industry that not only promotes self-care, but also celebrates diversity and inclusivity. Here, You! talks to Natasha Ali Lakhani to bring you a curation of summer beauty and hair trends/tips…

You! Give us some summer eye makeup trends 2021…

Natasha Ali Lakhani: Bright lips and bright eyes are something that always tends to come back. But what is really going to make a comeback this summer is a clean face/skin (one tone face) with minimal makeup. Also, lots of trends for us will have to be adapted because we live in such heat. So personally, I feel wearing a clean look and focusing on less makeup while adding a bright pop on the lip and eye – coloured mascara or eyeliner on the eye – is the way to go this summer.

You! You often create subtle brown feline flicks. How can one give a slightly softer effect than the usual black?

NAL: You can achieve it by applying a brown pencil or eyeliner – I prefer using gel eyeliner – and buff it out with a light/medium brown shadow so that the eyeliner becomes subtle and diffused as opposed to a very stark one. This would be a good way of wearing it softer on the eye in summers this year.

You! How would you rate the recent brushed-up brows trend?

NAL: It looks kind of unnatural, to be honest. I feel when you make your eyebrows; it should look natural and does not look as something is glued on your forehead… People who know me know that I do not like to stick to any trends because they come and go and as far as makeup is concerned, it should be something that stays forever. So, I like to have a very classic approach for eyebrows, like to have thicker eyebrows by brushing them up to a natural degree.

You! Tell us how one can create a look with flushed cheeks without going overboard…

NAL: The trick I usually do is that the lipstick my client or I am wearing, I just dab my finger on top of it and glide it on my cheeks and then blend it well. If you want a one-tone look, you can use a little on your eyes and lips too.

You! Which is your favourite lip trend for summers this year?

NAL: Applying full lipsticks and lip-liners is extremely hard to maintain in summers as it tends to bleed when you sweat. However, I am a glossy lip person but if I do a glossy lip in summers, I do it without applying a lip-liner or lipstick underneath, keeping it noticeably clear and transparent. This is also because, you do not want a lot of structure in heat and that is not fun either. So, an exceptionally light, less sticky gloss – more like a balm (or even a lip tint such as Benefit’s one) – would do in summers as it does not give off too much residue on your lips. Most of the times I also apply lipstick and wipe it off but let the stain remain on my lips; this makes it look subtle. At night, if I am going out or dressing up for Eid, I like to do a classic red lip and keep the rest of my face very minimal.

You! What will be the perfect summer evening look?

NAL: For that, the two looks I would recommend would be: doing a nice coloured eye; maybe with an electric blue mascara on the lashes as it adds a very subtle look to your eyes without doing too much. To go with it, I would do a soft pink lip while keeping the skin dewy and light. The second one would be diffused eyes with shades like soft brown/gold and pair it up with a nude or a bright red lip.

You! What is the perfect way of applying foundation on oily skin during summers?

NAL: One of the tricks I love to use is applying a mattifying primer followed by a translucent powder all over the face and then the foundation. Once I finish applying the foundation, I go with another layer of translucent powder with little dusting. As the translucent powder is little heavy, doing this will not make it too heavy on the skin. In the end, I finish it with a makeup setting spray, so the makeup lasts longer.

You! Share some tips on how to maintain healthy hair during summers…

NAL: The trick is again keeping it up. In most of my YouTube videos, you will see me with slick-back hair tied in a top knot or low bun. Also, for that I use castor oil to slick it down rather than using heavy-duty styling products unnecessarily. In case I want my hair to look natural, I let them dry curly and apply like a leave in conditioner. Also, I do not use a lot of heat on my hair during summers as it is a time for it to relax a bit. Moreover, styling in summers usually does not last long so there is no use of unnecessarily harming your hair.

You! Give us a list of your fave summer makeup essentials…

NAL: For me, having a face mist is a way to go in summers. I use Evian’s face mist for that. Also, organic rose water is a good alternative of a face mist. My second favourite is a good sunblock, I get the Bioderma 100 SPF which I tend to reapply if I am going out. I would also suggest investing in a good lip balm to keep the lips hydrated; I use the C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve. Moreover, I like to have a good eyelash curler (as I am not using a lot of makeup on my skin during summers) and a nice mascara; I use the Benefit Bad Gal Bang! Mascara along with Precisely, My Brow Pencil in no. 4. During the day, for my face, I try not to use foundation and put a dusting of Laura Mercier translucent powder and Glossier Puff Cloud Paint in shade Puff on my cheeks which is like a mousse-y blush. Whereas at night, I also use Benefit’s Porefessional Super Setter Setting Spray and the rest of the face is very minimal.

You! ’Tis the time to create beauty brands, any plans for that in the future?

NAL: That’s obviously something which anyone eventually ventures into, but I would definitely talk about it once it happens.