Sachal Afzal

By Asif Khan
Tue, 06, 21

Let’s get to know the likes and dislikes of this talented model...

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Tall and handsome, Sachal Afzal stepped into modelling after he completed his education. He graduated in Political Science from Government College Lahore and got his LLB from Punjab University. He was spotted by a photographer at a Career Expo while walking the ramp. Acknowledging his modelling potential, the photographer helped make Afzal his first portfolio, which he then shared on social media. Garnering praise and a positive response, Afzal’s friend Zack took him to Photographer Khawar Riaz, who gave him useful pointers for his modelling career. Soon enough, Sachal landed a campaign with Gul Ahmed. With the success of his debut, he went on to work with big names like Big Jeans, Emporio, Rawaj, TVC Sooper Biscuit and designers like Ali Xeeshan, Nomi Ansari, Ismail Fareed, Nauman Arfeen, HSY, Republic by Omer Farooq and so on. He also walked the ramp in PFDC 2018. Apart from a music video with AJM productions ‘Dil Ke’, he has even acted in a Malaysian TV production of Sara Sajeeda.

And, recently he got recognised for his talent and hard work when he received the Lux Style Award 2020 in the ‘Best Emerging Talent’. Currently, the model is involved in some editorials which will be coming out soon. Let’s get to know the likes and dislikes of this talented model...

What do you consider your biggest asset?

My family and friends.

What is your strength?

My mother’s prayers.

Were you expecting that you would someday win an award?

I literally had no idea that I could make it this big. This award is for all the photographers and designers I have worked with.

Who was your biggest contender?

I got the award for the ‘Rising model’ category so I feel Maha as a female model was the biggest contender.

Has anything changed since you bagged the award?

You get a lot of recognition and now you know that people will be expecting credible work from you.

Have you received any negativity?

Didn’t come up to me but they do exist.

Your most valuable possession:

My ring.

When feeling low, you prefer…

Playing video games.

How do you maintain your health?

Staying fit and eating healthy food.

Your worst nightmare:

Sleep paralysis.

Your most memorable moment:

Holding the Style Award. It was priceless.

Something you would like to forget…

I don’t forget anything and I don’t want to.

One thing you like about yourself?

I am passionate about my goals and I put all the effort in achieving them.

Among your friends, you’re known as:

My friend used to call me ‘Pyare Afzal’ back in my university days and always took me as a very straightforward guy, which I am proud of.

Biggest misconception about you…

I thought I can achieve whatever I wish for but it’s not true but in process you get somewhere near.

How would you define love?

I personally believe love is not a two-way thing. It’s all about giving and expecting nothing in return. (hmm..).

You like girls who are....

Who are not makeup conscious while taking selfies.

Three qualities that you would like to see in your future partner?

Loyalty, respect and lots of care.

Your teenage crush:

Mahirah Khan then, now and it’s going to be forever.

One person you would like to dine out with:

Alia Bhatt.

If you could be another person, who would you like to be?

A cricketer, maybe.

A message for your fans:

I am nothing without the love and support of you. I hold a lot of reverence for all of you. However, it does bring discomfort to everyone when you guys bring out your frustrations in the comment section, so please be kind and humble.