By Wallia Khairi
Tue, 05, 21

Eid is almost upon us. This week You! talks to some of our favourite stars to find out how they are going to be spending this auspicious occasion…


Eid-ul-Fitr comes with its huge tranche of joy after a month of observing fasts. After a quiet Eid last year, we hope this year is filled with joy and enjoyment all around. Waking up to the sounds of pans clanging, sweet aromas drifting through the air with a sense of merriment surrounding you, filling you up with a spirit of delight instantly! The excitement of the big feast, who’s wearing what and how much eidi are you going to get, are the little things which make this festival as special as it is and why everyone looks forward to it enthusiastically. Around this time, You! talks to some celebrities to get an insight of what gets them into the festive mood…


1. How do you plan to spend your Eid day?

2. How has Eid celebration been different during the pandemic?

3. Your favourite dish on Eid?

4. Who will you be wearing on Eid?

5. What is your special Eid tradition, if any?

6. A message you would like to share with our readers.

Mariyam Nafees (actor)

1. I’ll dress up, spend time with my family – we’ll eat lots and lots of food and play board games and I plan to call all my friends and family.

2. It’s been very different because we try to not meet people during pandemic and as you know Eid is all about meeting your loved ones – laughing, eating and collecting eidis. (Haha)

3. Sheer khurma made by amma.

4. Haven’t decided as of yet.

5. Mehndi, chooriyaan, eidi, meeting our loved ones.

6. This year please stay home. Save yourself and your loved ones. Also, remember the less privileged ones, our luxury can be their necessity.

Junaid Khan (actor)

1. The day of Eid, as always, with family. I do not engage into any kind of work and just prefer to spend quality time with my family.

2. Eid has been very different during the pandemic. The festival is all about meeting your relatives, spending time with them, many people who you’re unable to meet normally you get to meet them on Eid; but due to the pandemic even that has been taken away from us.

3. On the occasion of meethi Eid, I enjoy sheer khurma.

4. I will opt for a traditional shalwar kameez.

5. The special tradition of this Eid is definitely meeting your relatives and giving eidi to the younger ones.

6. A message I would like to give is that these are hard times and being in the month of Ramazan we should make dua that Covid-19 ceases from the world and we’re able to get back to normal lives and be able meet our loved ones.

Shallum Xavier (musician)

1. I look forward to this Eid and celebrating with my wife’s family. I like meeting my in-laws and I especially enjoy the food which is mind-blowing. The only problem being I sometimes end up eating more than I should (haha). I specially love seeing my daughter, Maya, dress up for Eid. I miss her a lot as she’s in Canada with her mother. It’s always fun to see her participating in different kinds of festivals, be it Eid or Christmas or Holi.

2. Celebrations of any kind, have changed all over the world. Most of us aren’t in the state of mind to celebrate wholeheartedly. We have to realise that the entire world is going through a terrible phase right now so yes Eid celebrations have been affected.

3. My favourite dish on Eid isn’t the usual siwayi or sheer khurma which everyone talks about. I’m a big desi food fan and enjoy having mutton biryani.

4. I’m really not into a lot of designer wear, so I will wear anything I own maybe a nice jeans and buttoned-down shirt. Although, I’ll make sure I iron it nicely.

5. To be honest, I don’t really have a specific Eid tradition. I usually visit my wife’s uncle where we spend quality time and I love seeing my daughter grow and become a person of her own laughing and enjoying this festival.

6. This year, I’m going to try and motivate people to follow all the protocols and SOP’s, and don’t forget to wear your masks. Make sure that this Eid is celebrated in a simple manner at home rather than a massive get-together, we don’t need that.

Sunita Marshall (model/actor)

1. Well, unfortunately, we heard that there’s going to be a lockdown on Eid. Irrespective, in regard to the SOP’s, we will be celebrating at home with our immediate family.

2. Eid has obviously been different as you aren’t going out or meeting people and you’re unable to enjoy it the way you used to which is very unfortunate and we hope that this pandemic is over as soon as possible. We will just be eating together and enjoying with our family.

3. My all-time favourite dish is biryani, and it is a must on Eid.

4. Nothing specific. I am fortunate enough to have designer dresses sent over so I will probably be picking out something from my wardrobe. Or probably will be repeating an outfit.

5. I don’t really have any special Eid traditions except I just like to get chooriyaan from the bazaar which I won’t be this year because I’m not going out keeping mind all the SOP’s. And it’s okay if we don’t get to wear our favourite ornaments for a year or two.

6. Covid is here, it is contagious and deadly. I have been through it and it took me a while to recover completely. It’s better if everybody stays indoor, stay with your loved ones and follow all SOP’s. This is very important and everyone should take it seriously.

Natasha Baig (singer)

1. Eid days were huge for me when I was a kid getting brand new clothes and bangles were a must, but now as a grown up, I don’t do that anymore and now I plan on buying Eid special groceries for my mother.

2. It has been different in the sense that now there are no special Eid gatherings anymore with friends and relatives.

3. Sheer khurma (doodh wali sewaiyaan)

4. I haven’t decided that yet. I don’t even know whether I’ll dress up or not.

5. I used to like applying mehndi on Eid and I still like it. I might do that this time.

6. On this Eid, please count your blessings and be grateful to Allah. Reach out to those who are in need because this pandemic has not been easy on any of us. Be kind to animals as they are a part of this world too and be kind to the planet earth because it is your only home.

Zainab Chottani (designer)

1. I get very excited about Eid every year, a big reason being it is a holiday of 3 days and you get to spend time with your family. Specially given that Ramazan is a very hectic time for work and add to that I usually don’t get a lot of holidays and at times even Sundays are a working day so I really look forward to meeting friends and family which isn’t possible given we all have such hectic lives.

2. Eid celebrations will be different and were very different last year as well, didn’t get to meet a lot of my extended family. But Eid being a festive time, I still look forward to spending time with my immediate family and hold a lot of Eid calls with my friends over Zoom.

3. My favourite dish on Eid is anything sweet. Eid holiday is one when I’m able to cheat on my diet and eat whatever I want.

4. I will be wearing Zainab Chottani’s Eid collection like I do every year. I look forward to wearing festive on this occasion as I don’t usually dress up or get to wear my own collection throughout the year.

5. My Eid tradition is to get eidi from my dad. That is the best part of the day and I’m always equally excited for it every year and look forward to it.

6. A message I would like to give everyone this Eid is to please stay home and stay safe. Anyone of us could be a silent carrier and spread this contagious virus unknowingly. We all want to go out, celebrate Eid but we have to be careful and I would like to emphasise that please stay home and let’s be responsible and keep ourselves and everyone around us safe.