Role mothers we all need

By Fatima Zakir
Tue, 10, 20

we encourage upright and moralistic stories and characters on TV and cinema so that our society gets positive ideas to emulate or learn.....


We are an impressionable society. We understand that the stories, characters and situations we watch in movies or dramas are fictional yet there is no denying the fact that we do take influence from these. Hence, we encourage upright and moralistic stories and characters on TV and cinema so that our society gets positive ideas to emulate or learn.

Times have changed and so should our ways to deal with various relationships. Gone are the days when mother-in-laws were only evil and working women were not homemakers. We have created enough stereotypes in our society over the years and it is time we break out of them. One of out of the most important characters that have not been given enough variation in our dramas is of a mother. She is either conniving and mean or bechari and suppressed. This week You! focuses on some strong and positive mothers portrayed on TV who we wish to see more in our society.

Saba Hameed

One of the best plays to go on air recently was Dushman-e-Jaan because of its different story, strong performances and smooth execution. Starring Mohib Mirza and Madiha Imam in lead roles, Saba Hameed played the mother of the hero.

She is a leading and rich businesswoman who built an empire through hard work. Initially, she had an estranged relationship with her son but soon she realised she has given a lot of time to her work and now she should focus on the needs of her son. Just a few episodes down, she turns into a supportive mother who helps her son go through a tough time while he is fighting his guilt and never comes in his way when he is making amends, even though if his acts are against her will.

Not just that, she stands with her son and dotes on her daughter-in-law even when her own husband is against their son; because he married without parents’ consent. She is surely a mother we need to see more on TV.

Sania Saeed

One actress that can turn anything she touches into gold is Sania Saeed. She is in the list more so for her realistic acting that made her character strong and likeable. Playing the mother of Ayeza Khan in Meher Posh who gets divorced on her wedding night, Sania Saeed is shown to stand firm like a rock with her daughter amongst the ills the society throws at Ayeza Khan. And when Sania Saeed’s husband dies of heart attack because he couldn’t take the abuses whirled at their daughter, she takes charge of the house by starting a catering service from home.

She is an embodiment of women empowerment as she raises two strong, independent girls in the play and letting them face the world as she is on their backs to take any blow that comes their way. All the girls need mothers like her to flourish without worrying about society or ‘log kia kahenge’.

Laila Zuberi

In Sabaat, Laila Zuberi has two children – Ameer Gillani and Sara Khan. Ameer wants to be a self made man with no help from his father’s business and don’t judge people by their riches, while Sara is a spoilt, controlling daughter. When Hassan wants to marry Mawra Hocane, who is a simple, middle class girl, Sara Khan and their father are against the match. It’s Laila Zuberi’s character in the serial that comes forward and helps her son get married and even encourages him to work on his own. She keeps a balance between her sweet son and domineering daughter, and also tells her husband when he is wrong in dealing with his kids.

Ismat Zaidi

Having portrayed the role of a grandmother of business tycoon, Danish Taimoor, Ismat Zaidi keeps a check on her children’s activities so that they don’t wander to the wrong path as they are a powerful and influential family. Her true prowess comes into play when Danish Taimoor betrays an innocent girl, destroying her life and future.

It is then she lashes out on him for his unjust behaviour despite the fact that she loves him unconditionally. It’s once again showcased later in the play when she calls him out again for mistreating his wife.

In Deewangi, she was shown as a mother who didn’t cover up her children’s mistakes and openly challenges them when they mistreat their better halves; something which is quite rare in our society.

Laila Wasti

Former leading lady, Laila Wasti recently made her comeback to TV bagging roles of mother. She played a stepmother to Mohib Mirza and mother to Nabeel Zubairi, and mother-in-law to Hania Aamir in recently concluded play Dilruba. It should be mentioned that she has not only won hearts through her performance but her character as well. Doting mother who never differentiated between her own blood and stepson, loving mother-in-law and a worrying grandmother, her character is very real. She gets irritated when her elder son is rejected by women because he is not so good-looking but soon revives relationships when someone apologises. She is depressed when her younger son dies and Hania Aamir marries outside family. She worries to see her grandson being raised by another man. Yet she never wishes ill for anyone. All she wants is happiness for all the kids in the family. Something that is very refreshing to watch in our dramas.