Noaman Sami

By Maheen Aziz
Tue, 08, 20

A bundle of wit, talent, good looks and blessed with the purest of hearts, Noaman Sami is in conversation with You!

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Starting his career as an auditor, Noaman Sami studied acting from London and then came to Pakistan to pursue his career as an actor. He won the hearts of the audience with his excellent acting skills in his debut drama serial ‘Maa Sadqay’. Then he gave super hit serials like ‘Tera Yahan Koi Nahe’, ‘Mai Haar Nahe Manungi’ and ‘Naseebo Jali’. He also acted in a film ‘Talaash’. Playing the character of Shahmeer in the on-air drama serial ‘Mera Dil Mera Dushman’ has added another feather in his cap. Sami swiftly became an actor in demand who is currently making waves in the Pakistani drama industry. A bundle of wit, talent, good looks and blessed with the purest of hearts, Noaman Sami is in conversation with You!

What is your most memorable drama serial to date?

‘Mera Dil Mera Dushman’.

What do you usually wear in daily life?

Trouser and T-shirt.

What is your favourite thing in your closet?


Extremely possessive about:

My family.

What is your biggest/weirdest fear?

Losing loved ones.

Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood?

I’m a Bollywood fan.

Last call that you did not intentionally attend?

That number was not saved.

Annoying habits of most of the actors?

Unprofessional and non-serious attitude.

What’s your annoying habit?

My facial expressions tell what I am thinking.

Awards or rewards?


Things that you don’t understand about the industry?

I do understand everything about the industry.

What bores you the most?


Are you a workaholic or shopaholic?


Drama Industry needs?

New stories based on youth.

Last time you lied about?


Anything that you would never let anyone take:

My phone.

Any relationship lesson that you have learnt so far?

Be selfless.

If you want to get rid of one of your habits?


What are your healthy habits?

I drink lots of water and work out.

Emotional or practical?


Happiness is...

Seeing my family happy.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Alizeh Shah.

What’s the last thing you bought?

Fast food.

Which superstar inspires you the most?

Shahrukh Khan.

Anything that you took for granted and later regretted?

Nothing major actually.

The last film that made you cry?

Every film.

You get super uncomfortable when...

Hang out with people I don’t know.

If you could get invisible for a day?

I’ll go to Mecca because we’re not allowed to travel due to covid19.

First pay cheque?

I was in London, it was 90 pounds

Something you miss about the life you had before becoming an actor?


Anything that has changed your life?

Nothing until now.

A rumour that you would wish to spread about yourself?

That he went to Harvard.

Who would you go to for a relationship advice?

No one, it ruins your relationships if you listen to a third person.

The best secret keeper in the industry?

I don’t tell my secrets to anyone.

How do you like to spend the days when you are off shoot?

I eat and watch movies.

Three things no one knows about you:

I am extremely shy, I am an introvert and I eat a lot.

First thing you do when you wake up in the morning:

Drink water.

Chai dhaaba or restaurant?


Have you ever flirted with a fan?

I have only flirted with 2 or 3 people in my life and they weren’t fans.

What is one thing that always cheers you up when you are upset?

Talking to my loved ones.

What would you be if not an actor?


What makes you angry the most?


What do you think this country needs the most?

Good governance.

Lessons that you have learnt in the industry?

Don’t believe everything you hear.

Luck or hardwork?


A message for your fans?

Give respect to everyone irrespective of who they are and whoever you interact with. Just treat people the way you want to be treated as.