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By A. Akmal
Tue, 08, 20

As the summer heat and humidity is beating down in full force, You! offers a style guide to keep you looking and feeling fresh and cool…


WWhen the summer humidity sets in, we tend to stare aimlessly into our closets and wonder what in the world to wear in the extreme heat. How do you decide on an outfit when the humidity makes everything feel like it’s sticking to your body? You must’ve been there, wearing a cute outfit only for it to be completely ruined by sweat, sweat, and more sweat, especially if it was a festive occasion. Trust us: you’re not alone. Aside from simply wearing nothing, it seems almost impossible to look your best in the heat of summer. But surviving without sacrificing your style is doable – if you dress smartly. This week You! offers a style guide for its readers that they can follow for upcoming festive occasions to look and feel cool at the same time…

Choose the right fabric

First and foremost, it’s uber important that you choose the right fabric. Choose lightweight and breathable material. Avoid fabrics that easily show sweat like silk. A lightweight cotton or linen should be your first choice. It’s an easy decision for a stylish, yet breezy, summer outfit, and the cut of the dress will likely keep your mind off the humidity. This season, when you are looking for an outfit, look out for a collection that evokes a feeling for a new kind of summer and offers the brand’s signature quintessential prints, embroideries and hand spun fabrics.

Let your cuts shine

Shy away from colours that often show sweat, like light pink or grey. White is an optimal choice, and a print or pattern are good alternatives. Expect a pastel trend to come around this season as light colours will be a favourite choice for many. Apart from the colours, make the cuts the star of your look. Stick to shapes that fall away from the body – like an angrakha or a loose frock. The less fabric touching your skin, the cooler you’ll feel. Moreover, don’t completely rule out sleeves. You may think sleeves aren’t the best idea for the heat, but they are a lifesaver for when you do start sweating. No one really likes to see armpit sweat, right?

Up-do your tresses

Humidity and our locks are not besties, so it’s nearly impossible to tame the mane during warmer weather. Instead of curling and blow-drying away, why not play up your natural tresses this year? Chances are, if it’s humid, then it’s pretty hot outside. So, you would want to keep your hair in check so it’s not sticking to your face. Opt for a chic, slick-back pony. It is a classic and takes like two seconds to make. Braids also look fancy if you are stepping into a barbecue scene (after Eid-ul-Azha) or heading to a small gathering. Other than this, a messy bun is also a good choice, especially if your hair gets sticky quickly – it hides your hair-related shortcomings that might show up in other hairstyles.

Make it matte

When it comes to makeup, it’s a no-brainer to reach for your matte foundations. We suggest the same along with powder products. Matte foundation will last longer and keep your makeup looking fresh. Don’t use anything that feels too oily, for instance, cream foundations which tend to feel cakey and really oily. Choose a stick foundation in two different shades and – one in your skin tone and the other a shade or two darker for your contour. You can use stick contour as well, but for some, this would feel a little cakey. It makes it easier to blend same textures – make sure to use a foundation brush to blend rather a makeup sponge.

For the rest, keep it minimal. You can put on a nice eyeliner on top of a single eyeshadow of your choice, keep your blush and highlighter light.

Accessorise to impress

This is a time to fish out all your chic jewellery as chunky ones will get uncomfortable after a while. Hoops for earrings and a chain set would be sufficient and will look sophisticated. Although, there are no size restriction on the bags you want to carry, opt for what feels comfortable to you. However, we do recommend to carry the bright coloured ones in contrast to your pastel outfits to add the much-needed oomph.



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