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By T.U. Dawood
Tue, 07, 20

We at You! have explored, tried and tested a multitude of brands to put together for you a Must Try list of some real gems that we absolutely love....


while this lockdown has had many sad points, one definite plus is the number of new home-based brands that have been coming up and others that are expanding. As women are spending more and more time at home, they are having some inspired moments. We at You! have explored, tried and tested a multitude of brands to put together for you a Must Try list of some real gems that we absolutely love.

JO’S Organic Beauty


Tara Uzra Dawood with peppermint foot soak (JO’S Organic Beauty)

Missing Body Shop’s peppermint foot lotion or scrub? Longing for LUSH’s Pink Peppermint Foot Cream. Never again once you try Pakistan’s very own Jo’s Organic Beauty all-natural Peppermint & Eucalyptus Foot Soak @josorganicbeauty. Its purpose is to revive tired feet, sooth rough heels, improve blood circulation and make your toes smell minty. It’s very easy to use, has a shelf life of 6 months and the packaging is perfect for gifts, delivery, storage.

“I firmly believe in respecting Nature and the wisdom it offers us in the form of beauty secrets. Global natural skincare market is expected to grow $52billion by 2027,” shares Jovita Alexander, Founder, Jo’s Organic Beauty. “There is a great demand for organic skincare that drives consumers to look for natural and organic labels,” she adds.

Jo’s also has an Aloha! Coconut and Almond Body Polish which is an exfoliator which blends pink Himalayan salt and coconut flakes to exfoliate, clarify and tone rough dry skin, while conditioning. The shelf life is 4 months. This is a greasier product but has a very opulent, luxury feel to it.

Care For You @farhahumacfu

Farha Huma Care for You

Gossip spreads like wildfire, as does news of any hot new product. Although just a few months old, Care for You’s Votana Oil has quickly become a must-have staple among the au courant in Karachi. An alchemic mix of amla, reetha, hareer, baal jhad, fenugreek, soap pod and some secret ingredients, this magical formula softens, conditions and thickens hair. Most notably, it makes your hair feel and look like a million dollars.

“Chemicals in your toiletries & cleaning materials may be the biggest source of skin disease and even many types of cancer,” tells Farha Huma, owner of Care For You.

The brand also has a super gentle Almond Citrus scrub-mask made with orange peels, lemon peels, rice flour, poppy seeds, barley flour and marigold. It can be mixed with milk or rose water. It is the most gentle of exfoliants. You! also recommends their Tea Tree Cherry Body Wash which has an incredibly intoxicating scent and Lavender Orange Hand Wash.

Organic Souk @organicsouk90

Madiha Faisal (Organic Souk)

Organic Souk believes firmly that nature has the best cure for skin and beauty. What really impressed us is the brand’s commitment to R&D. Madiha Faisal, founder, is by profession an industrial pharmacist for over 10 years. While talking to this scribe she says, “My products are purely online. Being a pharmacist, on the basis of my experience, I am formulating my own products based on organic sources. All my products are silicon-free, parabens free, and all previously tested on human beings.”

The range is actually full of must have products such as Dark Circle Remover (under eye serum), Acne Pacifier, Juicy Lips Tinted Lip Balm and Calendula Infused Foot & Heal Repairing Salve @organicsouk90. These products come in tiny sizes, perfect to fit in your purse and can be an emergency stash you keep for bringing some life and glow to your eyes, cooling down a pimple, moisturising your lips or smoothing out your feet. “It’s important to always have a dark circle remover on hand,” advises Madiha, “Our hand crafted serum decrease appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. It instantly smoothes and hydrates the under-eye area to refresh the appearance of tired-looking, strained eyes. It’s lightweight, layerable formula gently warms upon application to help optimize absorption.”

Shakila’s Skin Care @shaksskincare

Shakila Rizvi (Shakeela’s skin care)

Shakila’s Skin Care has come up with a very innovative and clever do it yourself facial kit. Her Hydra De-Tan GLOW Do It Yourself Facial Kit @shaksskincareis thoughtfully designed with clear instructions.

When salons had to close due to COVID-19, Shakila Rizvi brilliantly came up with a way to bring her services, or more accurately, her products to your home. This at home facial is a straightforward facial with all the steps. It is very organized with clear instructions and takes up to 90 min, pending how diligent you are. The Purity Cleanser by Shakila, in particular, smells like heaven. One caveat is that you have to be on top of the process at all times, setting your timer for each section and not trying to multi-task with other chores at the same time. “These are challenging times for entrepreneurs,” elucidates Shakila who is doing free online beauty consultation during this time. “So we are all re-inventing our models to adapt to the times. The details were provided to ensure the best results for my valued clients. It is recommended that you take out the time for self-care and experience a facial once a month and maintain your skin with good quality products in between,” suggests Shakila.

This DIY facial is a brand new product, in clear plastic bottles with black marker labels. With a bit of mentorship and a business and marketing plan, this could become a staple in the city, even after COVID-19 finishes as there is a definitely market for at home facials..

House of BB – HOUSE OF STYLE @HouseOfStyleByBB

Bisma Bader (House of BB)

Bisma Bader’s House of BB is known as a jewellery homepreneur brand. However, her new Organic Green Tea Soothing and Exfoliating Scrub @HouseOfStyleByBBis something special, albeit a work in progress. It’s a sugar scrub and the bottle it comes in doesn’t quite have portability and professional finish for gift-giving. The granules are also a little rough so you have to fully stir with a spoon with the essential oils in the bottle to ensure a smooth consistency. However, the scent is incredible and the effect on your skin is truly like magic, and much better than most store brands. Definitely a product to watch out for.

  • Watch out for some more exciting home brands next week!
  • T. U. Dawood is CEO of 786 Investments Ltd., President of Dawood Global Foundation, and sits on the boards of Pakistan State Oil and Pakistan Refinery Ltd.