By Asif Khan
Tue, 12, 19

Recently, the model is also dabbling in acting through some music video projects....

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Beauty with brains may be the perfect description for upcoming model Rukhma. It all started in 2017 when she was doing her graduation in Psychology from FC College Lahore. Her friends nudged her to take up modelling professionally, so she approached a talent company to get her portfolio done. Rukhma’s first break was a bridal shoot offered by ace photographer Obaid Imtiaz in 2017.

However, not compromising on her education, she decided to focus on her studies. For this, Rukhma had to refuse a number of projects that she could’ve been a part of including a TV serial offered by a private channel. But, she resumed her modelling career in her last year of college and worked for a number of prestigious projects like Chen One, Nickie Nina, Master Molty Foam, Zehra Ahmed, Irum Khan, Zahra Hussain amongst others.

Recently, the model is also dabbling in acting through some music video projects. She did her debut with ‘Mahi’ by Nauman Malik and has also portrayed the role of a drug addict in Bilal Saeed’s recent song. This young model not only aspires to be a supermodel but also aims to become a versatile actor for the big screen. Let’s get to know the likes and dislikes of this rising star...

You! What’s your biggest asset?

My education

You! Who is your biggest strength?

My mother

You! Your best work till this date...

My performances at the fashion week

You! Something you’d like to forget...

Toxic people from the past

You! Something you like about yourself...

My nonconforming nature

You! Among your friends you’re known as...

A highly introvert and psychotic human being

You! You are strongly possessive about...

Every personal thing I own but specifically my cell phone

You! You’re afraid of...

Losing the people I love

You! Something that you would like to remember...

All the struggles that I had to face in my life to get to where I am

You! What do you prefer when you feel low?

Taking a walk in nature while listening to music

You! Your worst nightmare...

Tripping and having a wardrobe malfunction on ramp

You! Your definition of love...

For me, the second word for love is unconditional

You! What are your favourite international labels?

Gucci, Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein and Zara

You! What touches you the most?

Humbleness and loyalty

You! What bores you the most?

I never get bored as long as I have my cell phone and a WiFi connection

You! You get turned on by?

Intellectual conversations

You! Your teenage crush?

Imran Abbas

You! You like boys who are...


You! You wish you could...

Eat without getting fat

You! One person you would like to dine out with...

Ranveer Singh

You! What’s the biggest misconception about you?

People think I’m depressed because I’m usually alone; but really I’m just an introvert

You! If you could be another person who would you like to be?

Nobody! I believe that one should strive to become a better version of themselves

You! Do you have any regrets?

No regrets! All the mistakes I did in the past have moulded me into a better person.