A delightful culinary experience

By A. Jafri
Tue, 05, 19

When it come to eating out it’s not just about serving the best cuisine, but it is about an entire culinary experience.....


When it come to eating out it’s not just about serving the best cuisine, but it is about an entire culinary experience. It includes the ambiance of the place where you are eating, how you are being served and of course, the food. Now, if you think about comfort food, you would need a warm and inviting space that will only serve you the most scrumptious recipes of their menu but also feels luxurious. There are many cafes and grills around in the capital city, but it never hurts to add a little more variety.

After major revamping, Islamabad’s popular restaurant ‘Atrio Cafe & Grill’ opened its doors with a grand re-launch party organised by Rezz Aly Shah. The event was attended by the media, bloggers, and socialites, and hosted by Natasha Hussain.

Located in the heart of Islamabad’s Posh F7 area, the two-storey and rooftop restaurant has seating inside and outside. So, anyone who wants to take in the view and the weather can find themselves a perfect spot to enjoy. The owner of the cafe, Imran Rashid, believed that the capital city was missing a rooftop experience in the market. “It is said to be ‘the heart’ of Islamabad; where tired shoppers and foodies can now enjoy being in the centre of all the activity. So, I waited for a while to give my cafe a completely new look and come back with a bang,” he shared.

At the opening night, the rooftop - with a weather-and-wind-proof canopy and comfy ambiance - was full with food lovers. The aroma of freshly grilled red snapper and tangy chicken fingers was in the air and the guests were welcomed with mint margaritas. The chefs also prepared hors d’oeuvres that were circulated on the tables. Along with a serene atmosphere inside, the backdrop comprised of scattered lights that glittered as they fell upon Margalla Hills on a lovely breezy spring evening.

Fatima Ali, a fashion student and a guest at the opening, shared a table with friends and other guests overlooking the market. Having sampled everything from the red snapper, chicken fingers, chicken Bolognese to the barbecue items, she said, “I enjoyed the pizza the most, with its range of toppings that included chicken, salami, vegetables and garlic-mayo sauce.”

The floor below is a wonderful black and white chess floor with amazingly cool coloured sofa seats, big glass windows overlooking the market reminiscent of a New York-style cafe.

Boasting the new look in the buzzing capital city, where customers can enjoy a contrast of ambiance and food, this place is nothing less than any upbeat and trendy cafe on any Manhattan Avenue.

–– A. Jafri