Beauty meets fashion

By Sumeha Khalid
Tue, 05, 19

This week You! takes a look at the offbeat beauty meets fashion collaboration at the recently held solo show in Karachi...


This week You! takes a look at the offbeat beauty meets fashion collaboration at the recently held solo show in Karachi...

Beauty and fashion go hand in hand. One complements the other. Where there is fashion, beauty is bound to be. And so was the case at the recently held fashion showcase held in Karachi. It was a magical evening where the star of the show was the inimitable couturier Shehla Chatoor who is hailed for her beautiful vintage creations with a touch of modern - and the result, a perfect blend of east meets west. The stage was set for a grand presentation of her latest collection 'Aks'. Set against the majestic Old Custom House Karachi, the venue was as quaint as the collection itself.

The event was an interesting collaboration between Shehla's eponymous brand and leading hair colour brand, L'Oreal Paris Excellence Creme under the prestigious 'Ambassador of Fashion' platform for the new 'Excellence Deep Ashy Collection'. Besides presenting her elaborate Aks collection, Shehla had also sculpted a capsule collection for the hair colour brand inspired by its rich shades. The signature pieces by the designer were an amalgam of sophistication and style.

Talking about the Beauty Meets Fashion collaboration, the couturier shared, "Staying true to the ethos of our brand which is unapologetic glamour and luxury, I created three customised uber luxe, glamorously-draped flowy looks which reflect both my own signature aesthetic and the triad of the shades from the Deep Ashy Collection. The colour palette we chose complements Pakistani skin tones, and was kept subdued yet elegant through the blend of ivory and luxe gold speckled with brunette and russet accents to reflect the rich shades. Not only are these colours currently in trend but they are elegant, sophisticated and classic."

What transpired on the ramp was a fairytale set amidst a timeless setting brought to life by the models dressed in Shehla's heritage bridal collection with expert craftsmanship and exquisite detail weaved into the magnificent fabric of luxury. Hailed for her regal bridals, Shehla sent down the runway ensembles in a mesmerising colour palette in subtle tones, metallic hues, as well as deep shades. With a diverse assortment of tints and stunning fusion of rich ornamentations in modern silhouettes, the collection was a real work of art.

While the creations were spellbinding, the hair and makeup too did not lag behind. With the deft touch of Nabila, the models were as charming as they could be.

For the L'Oreal Paris segment, the makeup artist had opted for soft curls and gentle waves, teamed with light lipstick and a play of peach tones. They had followed the tip of going along with the natural style of a particular model.

So, if there were waves those were subtly enhanced. The dreamy waves were pretty simple yet stunning. The result was a picture of perfection with loose soft waves, peachy lips and cheeks, light gold-bronze eyes resplendent in an embellished gown.

The ponytail took a back seat this time around and Nabila preferred the knot as one can play around with the various twists of a knot. The stylist had twisted hair strands alternating these with soft loops.

Braids too were used in some instances leaning more towards the French style, which either continued on in a knot at the nape or in some cases was gently pulled back with soft curls snaking down the back. Also, the flower wreaths, floral hair adornments, the impressive matha pattis and tikkas all made for brilliant accessories.

Talking about her awe-inspiring Aks collection Shehla commented: "The soul and signature of the brand has always lain in its time-honoured craftsmanship and creation of timeless handcrafted pieces, a commitment that has remained unchanged for over two decades now and will continue on," she signs off.


Hair & Makeup: N-Pro & Nabila

Designer: Shehla Chatoor

Choreography &

Art Direction:



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