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By M. Shirazi
Tue, 02, 19

This week You! takes a look at some of the hottest beauty trends that you should try this year...


This week You! takes a look at some of the hottest beauty trends that you should try this year...

We are in the second month of 2019 and the start of a New Year means the start of a new you (and probably some half-baked resolutions), but if there are any you should actually keep, it’s the beauty ones. 2018 was both a crazy and an amazing year for beauty. We saw the rise of innovative beauty products like inclusive makeup, cleansing oils, lip tints, and facial oils, as well as the introduction of beauty trends like glowy skincare, hair care, and bold makeup, among others. The 2019 version is all about bringing out your best features - no ultra thin eyebrows this time around - with more understated, streamlined, and modern beauty looks.

A monochromatic makeup look and shimmering gloss for both lips and eyes will be the trend to look out for this year, say experts. Here are some of the beauty trends that you should try...

Monochromatic Makeup: 2019 is all about the monochromatic makeup look. It’s a brilliantly simple approach to makeup - the technique involves using similar shades on the face in different ways. When creating a monochromatic makeup look, follow the rule ‘same, but different’. It’s all about using the same tones and shades of colour. Think: neutral glam - like, a warm brown on the lips, a similar shade on the cheeks, and a fairer shade on the eyes. This beauty trend with coordinated face, lip and eye makeup look will be a game changer.

All Pink: Monochromatic makeup is getting a new meaning with the colour pink. It’s time to bring out those shades of pink as they’ll be a popular shade for eyeshadows, blushes, and lip colours. Beauty brands have dedicated entire eyeshadow, lip, and cheek palettes to shades of the rosy hue. We love the rosy cheeks and a hint of blush on the nose for a sexy, flushed look. Pinks and corals add a feminine and natural looking flush. For an extra natural finish, try using a cream formula - we love to use the Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes on our cheeks.

In keeping with the natural mood of the season, designers gently warmed up models’ faces with earthy tones. Not quite tan and not quite pink, the best shade of the season is a warm peach.

While pink makes for neutral and sophisticated looks, do experiment with bright pinks and have fun with it this year!

Shimmering Gloss: Shimmering gloss is making a comeback for both lips and eyes. It has been years of matte lipstick and it’s time for a gloss to shine again. Gloss glistens back to the beautiful landscape with lots of silky slip and sheen in a non-sticky texture. While you can use your old lip-gloss or lip balm to play with looks, there are products that can help you achieve those dewy eyes and lips minus the stickiness.

Shimmery Shadows: Shimmery shadows are seen everywhere, and by everywhere we mean on every eyelid and in every beauty stash. If you’ve prepped for this trend by buying up every jewel-tone shimmer in sight, good. If not, pick up a versatile palette like Urban Decay Born To Run - perfect for creating any look your heart desires.

Luminous Matte Finish: While the ultra-dewy look isn’t going away per se, luminous matte is the foundation finish of 2019. It falls somewhere between dewy and matte (leaning more dewy), and has an emphasis on skin looking like actual skin. To get this look, we recommend pairing glowy primers with soft matte foundations or applying a sheer layer of colour to let your natural skin peek through. Play up that radiance after applying foundation with a subtle highlighter and rosy blush.

Low-Key Contour: After too many all-nighters, bold contouring is finally put to bed for the winter/spring 2019 makeup trends. With one key exception. Barely perceptible and endlessly strategic, contour appeared in its most subtle manifestation on the runways. Contour is all about playing up the natural shape of your face this season so get some YouTube tutorials lined up and practice in natural light, ladies. After the makeup is done, take a large fluffy brush and frame the face with bronzer along the temples, under the cheekbones and jaw line.

Strobing: Moving beyond contouring, strobing is the next big makeup trend that will ace the beauty chart highlighting key features with a shimmering effect. This lightweight formula infused with pearls moisturises and illuminates the skin with a radiant and fresh glow. All in all, this season is a pleasant mix of gloss and neutrals for the beauty mavericks.

Minimum Makeup: People are investing in their skin like never before. It’s all about creating luminous and healthy glow with skincare and makeup. Barely there, or not-there-at-all makeup is back with a force this season. Minimalism is the mantra for an elegant look. Products such as primer and foundations that offer a flawless base and create a filter effect are popular amongst millennials. Soft cheek highlights and plush neutral shades for the lips, and soft browns for the eyes. Complexion is going to be the focus.

It’s all about lined eyes: Whether pencil or liquid, black or coloured, mascara took a back seat this season as innovative eyeliner came to the fore. You can expect to see a lot of liner versatility this year. From a classic cat eye to geometric shapes, there are a thousand ways to use liner in every possible colour. It can be a soft smudgy pencil close to the lash line, or a liquid liner that flicks out at the end.

Textured Brows: The brow is the hottest thing to happen to beauty in our generation, and this love affair shows no signs of abating. Gone are the pencil-lined arches and bold painted silhouettes. Natural shades of tan, light brown, and deep chocolate have given movement and natural dimension with the help of eyebrow combs and brow gel. The textured brows of the season perfectly complement the messy, undone hair and minimalist makeup approach.

Lashes: Lashes are on the rise and no longer reserved only for actors or theatre personalities. In fact, it’s not even limited to special occasions such as weddings. Wearing false lashes to add drama is going to be as normal as wearing kajal. The combination of dramatic lashes and strong brows is a game-changer.

Bold lips: Bold lips are making a comeback this year. From reds to purples to blues, there is a shade perfect for anyone. A splash of colour is the best way to enhance a bare-face for a day at the office or a night out with friends. Good news is, there are a number of brands that carry bold lip colours so you’ll never run out of choices!


Compilation: M. Shirazi

Models: Ayeza Khan & Amna Illyas

Wardrobe: Al-Karam Studio, Winter collection 2019 & Primrose Luxury collection 2019