Flaunt your nails

By Adeela Akmal
Tue, 07, 18

When it comes to well-maintained hands, nails are very important. Having clean....


When it comes to well-maintained hands, nails are very important. Having clean, healthy nails makes your hand appear elongated and graceful. If they are neither too long nor too short, beautifully filed and eventually covered with colourless nail varnish, they always look perfectly cared for. Moreover, nicely groomed hands and painted nails are often associated with powerful women.

But, with something as little as nails, they are often neglected or ignored in a hurry. With nail art running madness in the beauty world right now, there is all the more reason to get on the bandwagon. For those who have an aversion to needles, this is one way they can flaunt some art on their body, as it is now also considered an equivalent substitute to body art.. While you can attempt to do this on your own and experiment, there are now outlets opening up that can offer you all this and more.

So for all the ladies looking to find their nail care needs, Rabia Kiran Haris has opened the doors of her swanky nail salon in Islamabad. It’s an exclusive place in Beverly Centre right next to The Gym, which not only focuses on manicures and pedicures, but also specialises in nail art. Moreover, for ladies who struggle with nail issues like fungal infections or habits like nail biting, it also offers solutions to all these problems.

The launch party for the salon was a glamorous affair, organised by Rezz Aly Shah. It was attended by designers, socialites, bloggers and the media to be a part of the style brigade. The ladies pampered themselves with the services that were offered and flaunted their fabulous new nails roaming around at the launch. This got the ball rolling and everybody was inspired to do the same. Speaking to the media about her salon, the owner said, “I decided it was time to open up a proper place and go mainstream with services. We give 100% guarantee that after getting the treatments we offer here, your problem of nail biting and fungal issues will go away. We also specialise in acrylic nails, gel nails, glitter gel nails, permanent French, solitaire nails, sculpture nails, infills nail art and many more.”

‘The Nail Bar’ is the perfect place to go have a fun afternoon with your girlfriends or even enjoy a mother-daughter bonding day. So, what are you waiting for, head on down there to get yourself some fancy nails!

— Adeela Akmal