Mariam Mirza

By Sadaf Jabeen
Tue, 04, 18

Banker-turned-beautician-turned actress, Mariam Mirza is a loveable personality....

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Banker-turned-beautician-turned actress, Mariam Mirza is a loveable personality. Though she is relatively new in showbiz, she has made her presence felt by her strong performances. In less than two and a half years, she has done 14 serials, two soaps, seven telefilms, six cameos in dramas, two special appearances in movies and one short film called ‘Paak’ (being run in the UK currently). Mirza’s entry into the showbiz is also very interesting. “I was a professional banker but I have always been interested in grooming and acting. I left banking and opened up my salon as I was naturally good in doing makeup. Angeline Malik used to come to my salon for her hair and makeup, and she gave me the opportunity to work in a telefilm called ‘Dil Jala’ which was my debut as an actress. After that Angeline offered me a role in ‘Pakeeza’ and from there onwards there was no turning back,” says Mirza. “However, as I got really busy with showbiz, it became difficult for me to cope up with my salon business, so I sold it off,” she adds. These days Mirza is busy recording her three upcoming serials ‘Seedat’, ‘Khamoshi’ and ‘Ghad Deekha Par’. Let’s see what are the likes & dislikes of this talented actress...

You! What are your most memorable drama serials to-date?

‘Pakeeza’ and ‘Aangan’.

You! Is acting your passion or just a time pass?

Definitely a passion, I’ve always wanted to be a part of this and now I finally have the opportunity to fulfil my dream.

You! Your favourite international labels:

Michael Kors, Tory Burch and Zara.

You! What do you usually wear in daily life?

When home, I am in my comfy night suit otherwise jeans and shirt.

You! What is one cosmetic you cannot do without?

Base. It’s basic.

You! One thing you like best about yourself:

I am very positive.

You! Your most irritating habit:

I talk nonstop sometimes.

You! You don’t like people who are...


You! You always feel happy in the company of...

Genuine and happy people.

You! Happiness is...

A state of mind.

You! What’s your favourite restaurant?


You! Your all-time favourite movie:


You! Are you a shopaholic?


You! What bores you the most?

Sitting around idle.

You! When feeling low you prefer:

People around me.

You! You are crazy about...


You! Among your friends you are known as...

A happy, go lucky person

You! Are you a social person or a loner?

Very social. I am a people’s person.

You! Your beauty regimen:

Eating healthy and having lots of water

You! Your favourite exercise...

A massage.

You! What is your favourite tune nowadays?

I love classics, Ghazals by Jagjit Singh and Mehdi Hassan

You! Song that always gets you on the dance floor...

None in particular if it’s a good beat I just get up and dance.

You! What’s your favourite holiday destination?

All of Europe, mostly Italy.

You! What books are on your bedside table?

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, all three of them.

You! How do you like to spend your Sundays?

Half day in bed being lazy and half day being busy socialising with friends and family.

You! What’s your favourite breakfast food?

Paratha & aanda in asli ghee.

You! First thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

When I get up, I look for my mobile and check my messages.

You! When you are not working you are usually...

Being lazy at home watching TV.

You! The best gift you have ever received?

My two kids.

You! The biggest misconception about you...

Since I play mostly senior roles, people assume I must be very old.

You! Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully still on TV - doing great dramas and of course the big screen, larger than life.

You! If you weren’t doing what you are doing today... you would be

Running my salon.