Add some greenery to your decor

By Sadaf Jabeen
Tue, 04, 18

Are you bored of the same interior decor? How about giving a fresh outlook to your home by using indoor plants?


Are you bored of the same interior decor? How about giving a fresh outlook to your home by using indoor plants?

As expressive as paintings and as appealing as antiques, houseplants bring life to every room. Greenery brings beauty, character, texture and good energy into every space. The key to a fresh and colourful interior decor is to use indoor plants. Indoor plants brighten up any room and they can also help purify the air in your home. Plants are always known to bring a unique elegant touch to any place they’re placed in. Whether it is your living room, dining area or kitchen, a simple plant will bring oodles of style and panache to your decor.

Decorating our home with plants can be very easy and does not need any second thoughts. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate plants to your interior design:

Fill out empty corners: There are certain corners in our homes that don’t just fit with a piece of furniture. In this case, you can just place a plant behind chairs. But remember to choose a larger size to fully occupy the whole space/corner.

Make your stairways colourful: Stairways are a very important part of any house. You can easily create a perfect decor for the rest of your house, but when it comes to stairs, it becomes tricky. You can either place small plants in beautiful pots along the edges of your staircase, or place a single grand plant; either way your stairs will look stunning.

Display as centrepiece: Tables and cabinets are the best areas of your home that can be easily decorated with house plants. They are meant to be studded with a beautiful centrepiece, and what can be better than sparkling natural indoor plants placed on them. Some of the best indoor plants like cactus will add oodles of elegance and style to your tables and its interiors.

Hang it: Classical hanging planters are also a nice way of decorating your home. Hang them from the ceiling or beams and allow them to showcase all their beauty. They use less space and can be easily incorporated in your home dŽcor.

Place them near windows: Your plants now has a new place to grace the decor of your home, it’s the window pane. Your favourite indoor house plants can now be placed with elegance at the side of your windows, to embrace its beauty and catch the natural sunlight. Some of the best indoor plants and herbs can be easily positioned in vibrant coloured pots, to enhance the glow of every home.

Use it on walls: If you wanted your design to be more grandiose and more composed why not try having a plant wall. This can be perfect for the any bare walls in your space or walls of your pathway. You can decide on your own about the size and shape. Choose appropriate indoor plants that would suite the condition of the environment.

Only one: One single beautiful plant can become a wonderful focal point for the living or any other room. It should be, however, a large plant. Place it in a corner to maximize your space and to avoid wasting floor space. Make sure it’s in a space with plenty of light, preferably near the window.

Some common indoor plants:

Snake plant: This plant complements a high-ceiling room because of its tall-structured leaves. Placing it in an attractive mud or metal pot could add an artsy touch to your living room. If you have a narrow stretch to spare, you could also fix this plant along with some pebbles and stones above a layer of soil to give it an outdoorsy feel!

Spider plant: Clorophytum comosum or spider plant, as the name suggests, is an indoor plant that gives the look of a giant spider crawling out of the pot. However, rather than looking horrid, the appearance of the plant is quite beautiful. The leaves are very narrow and can reach the length of 20 to 45 centimetres, and this indoor plant tends to grow very easily.

Aloe Vera: This one isn’t just used for clear skin, but also clear air! We recommend placing this plant in a secluded corner to avoid a pokey situation. For those interested in a little Feng Shui, quite unlike its prickly texture, it brings harmony and positivity into the room!

Tips to take care: Flourishes in abundant sunlight and wide rather than deep pots, which dry soil out between watering faster.

Money plant: Money tree plant is among the most commonly used houseplants in Pakistan. As the name suggests, these plants are jewels for your home, giving it a refreshing, green look. The plant is said to be a traditional symbol of good luck and fortune.

Cacti: Cactus plants are strikingly good looking when it comes to decoration. They love the sun and while you might think that they can survive without water, they do require to be sprayed lightly. However, you need to make sure to not completely soak the plant’s roots.