Where’s your head at?

By Iqra Sarfaraz
Tue, 03, 18

This week, You! talks to Lahore-based hair expert, Fizzah Hashim, who talks about the latest hair colour trends. Read on...

This week, You! talks to Lahore-based hair expert, Fizzah Hashim, who talks about the latest hair colour trends. Read on...

Fizzah Hashim----A hair expert

Every woman desires to have hair that shines, has lots of volume, and looks just gorgeous. After all, it is our crowning glory and we have all the right to flaunt our beautiful tresses. But for that we need professional guidance time and again. Usually we only focus on hair care but often ignore the fact that how important it is to change our looks once in a while. And nothing beats a good haircut and colour. Yes, that’s true. A cut or change in colour can transform your overall look. But make sure that you head to the best beautician/stylist when you want to change your appearance.

So, keeping this in mind, You! talks to Fizzah Hashim, a hair expert from Numra Makeup Studio in Lahore. Fizzah Hashim, despite being an ACCA student, always found herself passionate about haircuts and styling. As a teenager, she often used to surf for YouTube hair fashion tutorials as it was fun and engaging for her. “At Toni&Guy, Lahore, I received my advanced training in hair colouring, highlights, lowlights, cutting and hair treatments such as Keratin Hair Strengthening among others. It was a complete course where I got a vast exposure in the field of hair fashion ranging from its technicalities and even the minor details,” says Hashim. Almost working for around 2 years at Toni&Guy, Hashim later on joined Numra Makeup Studio, where she is now the main hair stylist and trains the whole team of girls at the salon. So, let’s see what the expert has to say...

You! What are the latest hair colour trends?

FH: When we talk about hair colour trends, they don’t change, they shift. For this season, we see an inclination towards two toned hair, which is achieved through techniques like Balayage, highlights, lowlights and Ombré .

You! What colours do you see coming back in trend this year?

FH: The shift this year is more towards blonde than brunette. The return of soft-natural roots seems to gain popularity; be it with shades of blonde or pastels in the parameter of hair.

You! Are rainbow and pastels trending these days?

FH: Yes, pastels are trending and are fast becoming everyone’s favourite but it’s all comes down to the person who is carrying the colour and how well she is able to carry it.

You! Black hair will always be in fashion. Do you agree or disagree?

FH: Black hair is a classic staple like red lipstick! In the field of hair fashion, hair that is black is considered to be healthy and strong, and complements all complexions. It’s very easy for us to keep up with black hair trends as Asians are naturally blessed with dark hair tones. That means no regular visits to the salon!

Image: Toni&Guy

You! How can one stop colours from fading fast?

FH: There is a recommended amount of washes that help you retain the colour longer and better. Your hair expert can guide you best with how many washes that is depending on your unique case. Also, investing in a good colour protect shampoo and conditioner can also help in elongating the life of the colour in your hair.

You! How can we use fewer foils and still have colour with impact?

FH: Foiling is a technique that can be personalised according to the clients’ demand. If you want less damage and less foiling with a prominent impact, use a thicker chunk of hair or in technical terms a ‘textured weave’. That way, you will get more highlights with few foils.

You! What would you suggest for really dark hair and how different will it turn from the shade card?

FH: For really dark hair, I suggest lowlights as it blends in well and is trending nowadays. I always explain to the clients that the colour on the shade card has been illustrated on synthetic hair so it won’t have the exact same results on real hair. The texture of hair and the type of hair determines the results.

Image: Toni&Guy

You! How do you get good grey hair coverage?

FH: Gray hair is usually stubborn hair, so visiting a colour technician can be quite useful in such instances. Darker and warmer tones give better gray hair coverage than ashy tones.

You! Would you ever recommend dying your hair with natural ingredients like henna, coffee, cocoa powder and so on?

FH: No, I would never suggest that. Please refrain from experiments; it’s your hair not Dexter’s laboratory.

You! Can you dye your hair after you’ve applied henna previously?

FH: In my experience, yes you can dye henna treated hair but I certainly do not recommend it. The hair shaft already holds dark colour pigments of henna that no matter what colour you apply, hair will only get darker. Also, it is hard to achieve any lighter tones on henna coloured hair. Henna treated hair is generally considered to be challenging and risky to undergo further chemical treatments.

You! What advice would you want to give to girls who want to dye their hair themselves?

FH: Dying hair is not related to age anymore and yes, many girls try it at home but I recommend paying a visit to a salon as people usually do not understand the technicalities involved in hair dying. If not done right, it can do more harm than good. Also, the process of application matters a lot when it comes to applying one colour to the entire head otherwise you may end up with uneven hair colour.

You! What are the common mistakes that girls make when dying hair themselves?

FH: A very common mistake is not understanding the texture of one’s hair. A hair dye that does not damage someone’s hair might damage yours as the texture is different. At our salon, we go through proper hair diagnosis prior to application of any treatment/chemical to minimize hair damage. Dying at home can save you some money, but it can have a disparaging effect on your hair in terms of hair fall, hair breakage, hair thinning and grey hair which are now very common problems.