Flaunt your nails

By Sadaf Jabeen
Tue, 02, 18

You are already planning to replenish your spring wardrobe with stripes, florals and nautical details. Now, it’s time to think about updating your manicure too...


You are already planning to replenish your spring wardrobe with stripes, florals and nautical details. Now, it’s time to think about updating your manicure too...

Styling involves more than just clothes and accessories - everything from the perfect eye shadow shades to artfully designed manis are equally important. From glitter-dipped tips and snow-coloured cuticles, the statement mani is 2018’s hottest accessory. So whatever the occasion is, don’t keep your hands in your pockets, show them off, reach for your midi rings and if all else fails, resort to the jazz hands.

We’re seeing manicurists breathe new life into contrast tips thanks to the vibrant colours, metallics, graphic shapes, and negative space. Not surprisingly, the trend is trickling down from the catwalk to the nail salon...

French manicure is back with a twist:

The French manicure, in any colour, is an extremely flattering design on a round or oval nail. The majority of Paintbox’s nail-art designs are actually inspired by a French manicure. It’s one of the basics of nail art that will always be evolving and becoming more modern and chic. If you thought the classic French manicure was a thing of the past, think again. We’re definitely seeing a recurrence of the French manicure. It’s back and better than ever in bright colours and modern shapes. Try a diagonal swipe on nude nails or fake a French mani for a modern take on the classic trend.

Black Accents: High-shine black polish is making its mark as 2018’s best nail accessory. Whether vertically striped, curved around the cuticle, or painted at the tips - it’s a simple but bold look that appears equally chic when painted over bare nails or alongside vibrant pops of colour.

Colour Blocking: Bright-coloured pieces were all over the runway and this year nails follow suit. The quickest way to get into spring mode is with dots, stripes, and geometric patterns in bold contrasting hues.

Graphic French: Give a basic French manicure an upgrade by choosing two different tip shades and applying them at an angle. One tip of utmost importance: be sure to coat the base of your nail with sheer neutral and keep the length short and rounded.

Ladylike Neutrals: When cream and pearlescent neutrals are glossed over almond and oval-shaped nails, there’s an instant lengthening effect that leaves fingers looking soft and feminine. Natural hues appear classic when worn alone, but also makes the perfect base for simple nail art in the form of pale stripes and white swipes.

Soft Pink: At first glance, this looks like your usual pink manicure fit for a lady. However, the updated version is more feminine and stylish. Treat nail polish like paint mix baby pink with a burnished gold for a result that’s surprisingly subtle and adorable.

Go for Glitter: Cuticles finally get their due! So does glitter. Looking to make a statement? Nothing is more eye-catching than a sparkly mani. Gilded outer edges described as ‘nail jewellery’ created a frenzy when first spotted. Get fancy with a glitter topcoat or embellish your cuticles with a cluster of sparkles.

Not into glitter? Try a simple gray outline or mismatched sorbet hues, and remember once again, a neutral nail base is key.

Geometric nails: Geometric nails are chic, they’re interesting and best of all, they can be as complicated or simple as you’d like. The only problem, which is not really a problem? The options are endless.

Bright colour: If you’re caught in between the nail art and naked trend, take the middle route and opt for a clean mani in a pop of bright color.

Nude claws: We thought larger than life talons had been and gone but now they’re clawing their way back to the top. Stopping a couple of inches short of their predecessor, the new claws on the block are 100% glamorous without holding you back.

Naked nails: If nail art is not your thing, take a more natural-looking approach with one of the most recurring trends: naked nails. Get a mani in a light pink, nude or just swipe on a clear polish for a touch of shine.

The Midi Mani:

Described as a ‘modern take on the classic French manicure’, this look is fairly easy to recreate. First things first: prep. Negative -space nails need clean, manicured hands, so file and buff, nip away hangnails, moisturise hands and wipe with remover to get rid of excess moisture before your base coat. Next, choose your colour and use a striper brush to draw a diagonal line from the top to the bottom of each nail. Fill in one side with the nail-polish brush, then use a small brush dipped in nail remover to sharpen the lines, and finish with top coat.

Semi black canvas:

For the ultimate in barely there beauty, try this - and if anyone asks why you are walking around with a half finished manicure, just say: because fashion. Post prep, paint your ring finger on both hands with navy polish. Then once it’s dry, use Scotch magic tape to create a rectangular stencil that goes slightly above and below the cuticle on both little fingers, making sure it goes over the edge of your nail and onto the skin. Fill it in using black polish, and once dry, carefully peel off the tape. And that’s it. You are done.

Half moon:

To get the ‘70s effect, start around half way down, and use your striper brush to draw a half moon shape that follows the natural curve of your nail. Fill in the top half using the polish brush, then clean up the edges with remover and a small flat brush. Finish with top coat.