Faraz Khan

By Asif Khan
Tue, 02, 18

Faraz Khan’s career kicked off in 2010 as a model. He was introduced to the showbiz world.....

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Faraz Khan’s career kicked off in 2010 as a model. He was introduced to the showbiz world by director Umar Shahid. With his good looks, he made his name in the modelling world in no time. Armed with a Bachelor and Masters in Health and Physical Education and Sports Sciences from University of Karachi, Khan can truly be called a fitness enthusiast. Not only is he a hardcore fitness freak, he founded an organisation called ‘Road to Fitness’. The organisation aims to bring awareness with regard to health and physical fitness through its varied programs. In March, Khan is going to Turkey and UAE to do a couple of designer shoots and fitness ads. This week, You! finds out some of the likes and dislikes of this hunk...

What’s your biggest asset?

My parents

What’s your strength?

My ability to take challenges

Something you are strongly possessive about:

My freedom and space

What do you do when you feel low?

Listen to music

You get dejected when:

People don’t pay attention to their health

Your regrets:

The time I have wasted

Your worst nightmare:

To lose my vitality

What turns you on?


First crush...

Priety Zinta

What are your three best qualities?

Positivity, patience and perseverance

What touches you the most?

When I am admired by my friends

The most unforgettable moment of your life:

First day of shoot with Ayyan Ali and the hefty pay cheque that followed

Something you dislike about yourself:

I take a lot of time to interact with people. Apart from that, my mood swings and denial from stepping out of my comfort zone are also some of my problem areas that I am fighting with.

If you could be another person you would be:

A world-class cricketer

You dedicate your success to:

My mentor, of course!

You wish you could:

Open up more fitness clubs in Pakistan

Your role model:

Rob Riches

Your mission is:

To bring more awareness about physical fitness through my ‘Road to Fitness’ platform

What message would you give to everyone?

Life is all about having a good health, so please take care of it.

—Photography by Asif Khan