Fashion forward brides

By Sadaf Jabeen
Tue, 01, 18

This week, You! talks to Lahore-based designer, Hira Ali, regarding latest trends in bridal wear and her debut bridal collection...


This week, You! talks to Lahore-based designer, Hira Ali, regarding latest trends in bridal wear and her debut bridal collection...

Designer, Hira Ali

Hira Ali is a contemporary fashion designer with a distinction in Fashion Design from the Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design (PIFD). Hira officially launched her fashion couture label Hira Ali Studio in May 2017. Minimalistic designs are a core feature of the brand that creates a marriage of traditional and modern techniques. Recently, Hira Ali has introduced her first ever bridal collection titled ‘Break The Mould’. With its fashion forward silhouettes, exquisite craftsmanship and minute attention to detail, the Hira Ali bride exudes a perceptible aura of confidence. Let’s see what this budding designer has to say about her collection as well as latest trends in bridal wear...

You! What are the latest trends in bridal wear this season?

Hira Ali: We are really excited for 2018 bridals. Anticipating a lot of statements by layering your bridals and finding innovative ways of accessorizing.

You! What seasonal looks and colours are you expecting for brides in 2018?

H.A: Expecting to see brides in black. We are definitely going to try a darker colour palette with breathtakingly fresh coloured embellishments.

You! What type of jewellery is in for brides? Do they go for heavy jewellery or prefer silver instead of gold?

H.A: I personally prefer a mixing of your metals with beautiful stones in colour.

You! What motivated you to do bridals?

H.A: As a designer, the craft of bridal is unique. It was challenge for me - not only to have released a bridal collection but also to have done it differently by staying true to our aesthetics - finding that unique balance between traditional yet contemporary.

You! What’s the inspiration behind your debut bridal collection?

H.A: Strong, confident women, who carve their own paths and refuse to be defined by pre-existing moulds inspire me. This collection is homage to and a celebration of women who have broken, and continue to break the moulds holding them back.

With this collection, we have given a contemporary nuance to the design ethos of a modern day bridal. An ode, perhaps, to having broken the mould, many times over.

You! How long did it take you to complete your first bridal collection?

H.A: From inception to execution, it took approximately four months.

You! What is special about your bridal collection? How do you define your collection different from the rest?

H.A: The quintessential Hira Ali design aesthetic is minimal and edgy, whilst being feminine and luxurious. I was inspired by the concept of diversity in design and wanted to provide an alternative perspective towards approaching bridals through this collection. From embroidered techniques to motifs we always try to bring in a fresh perspective of what is considered to be beautiful.

You! What type of material and fabric you have used in your bridal collection?

H.A: ‘Break The Mould’ invites a selection of fabrics like nets and shimmer organzas as well as various blends of glittering silks. The embroidery comprises of experimental techniques using crystals and nets as well as silk threads and various beads and crystals. The colour palette jumps from translucent terracotta to coal for contrast. We were in love with the concept of layering and quintessentially designing a collection that was delicate and lightweight to look at.

You! Do you take inspiration from international bridal trends?

H.A: We always look into international trends and try and amalgamate those with our bridal silhouettes. Remaining true to our clean line approach towards silhouette we love to mix and match and the outcome is always a gust of fresh air.

You! In your opinion what is the biggest mistake a bride can make while dressing up?

H.A: Personally, I believe in being smart about your embellishments and your accessories and not cross the line and overwhelm your look by overdoing it. Our culture encourages exuberant displays of wealth, and beauty is mostly defined by all the extra glitter and gold. But these are the very lines that we are constantly trying to break with our designs and mend mentalities and modernise the concept of beauty.

You! Why do you think a bride must wear a designer outfit? Do you think it will make a difference?

H.A: A bride, or in fact any person, should always dress up for themselves and if they feel comfortable and happy in a designer outfit, be it one. Designer outfits usually stand out because there is a different line of thought, a different concept, a different colour palette, there is a silhouette and a thought behind your embellishment. All these details come together to make designer outfits more appealing.

You! In your opinion, what really makes a bride stand out - her makeup, jewellery, her outfit or her confidence?

H.A: If you’re missing any of the four it wouldn’t work out as well as it could. I believe in a balance between all these things.


Model: Zara Peerzada

Makeup: Zara Gul

Styling: Anaum Hammad

Photography: Maham Iqbal Bosan

Jewellery: Mahvish Naeem