Year of Energy

January 9, 2018
By Adeela Akmal

Horoscopes maybe fun to read but they have a really complex science behind it....


Horoscopes maybe fun to read but they have a really complex science behind it. Your horoscope concerns all 12 zodiac signs, the nine planets and their positions to one another. In all that complexity, You! spoke to Fazeel Khan, an avid student of astrology, to help us figure out what the new year holds for all of us. According to Khan, 2018 is bursting with energy! And where there is energy, there is bound to be some anxiety. The key advice for everyone this year is to channel all of that energy and put it to good use. Focus it to a purpose and have a sense of direction.


(March 21st - April 19th)

This year, work tirelessly towards your career goals and add self-improvement to your new year’s resolutions. Work on how you portray yourself and become a better version of yourself. In terms of social life and work, make sound plans and strategies to keep up with the pace. Your love life looks good if you play your cards right. Khan suggests Aries to “keep a clear head and invest your energy into the right prospect,” and you know what that means!


(April 20th - May 20th)

Good news, Taurus! This is your chance to take big risks and expect good results too. Have big goals and aspirations and add some noble causes to your list. “Don’t compromise and don’t be rushed,” is the advice from Khan. Give attention to relationships as things are looking to get serious this year! Money looks good, cherish and enjoy what you have; don’t settle for and be more productive!


(May 21st - June 20th)

Feel free to explore new opportunities and projects in life. Your social life and career will see big improvements; and some change in direction as well. Welcome these changes as you might enter in a world of new avenues. “It’ll be a fast paced year,” is what Khan suggests. But let yourself charge up in the spring. Refine yourself and don’t take too many risks in the summer - relax a little instead. Let autumn be your time to evaluate and contemplate all the lessons you’ve learned. Learn from your mistakes. Winter is the time for love. Focus on it and enjoy the ride!


(June 21st - July 22nd)

Be it career, family, relationships, money and whatever you can think of - the stars have got your back. You’ll have the skills and instincts to face whatever life throws at you, and keep everything upright and steady. According to Khan,”Expect to take charge this year as you find yourselves in a position of authority.” Learn from this experience, open your mind and have a clearer vision of the world. Focus on bigger problems and their solutions. There will be obstacles but you will definitely get happy endings!


(July 23rd - August 22nd) - Fire

Leo is on fire! This year will be full of energy, challenges and opportunities that may shape up the future! Make wise and practical decisions. Don’t let a golden chance go to waste like that. Also, expect blasts from the past! You’ll be reminded of past instances which may have significant consequences that would go beyond you. Brace yourself for an emotional roller coaster. Khan suggests that you should stay emotionally grounded; it’ll help you empathise! You could have some changes in your professional and social status, make it good. Think about the decisions you’re going to make - don’t push too hard. If you stick to the plan, you’ll end up coming up ahead.


(August 23rd - September 22nd)

You’ll have your fair share of ups and downs - it’ll be intense. Power through trying times and make the most of the fun. Avoid making rash decisions in April, August and November. However, end of August and early September looks good. Once everything falls in place, you’ll feel great! Explore money matters but make sure to play it safe. Same goes for love. Remember, don’t rush it this year, it won’t do you any good. Khan says, “Take your time, think about it and take the next step when you’re absolutely confident.” On the plus side, you’ll have a busy social life this year!


(September 23rd - October 22nd)

Libra, be graceful and generous when exercising your authority - it’ll only make people love and respect you more. This year, you won’t have a hectic schedule but will have your moments in between and at the end. From late June to late August, you’ll find some delays in career plans but don’t let that put you down. Libras will “end up with something more stable this year,” according to Khan In August, you have room to be creative and tasteful; at the end of the year, energise yourself with a nice vacation. For love, you may see some ups and downs, but in the end love conquers all!


(October 23rd - November 21st)

You’re a force to be reckoned with this year. Decide a plan of action and follow through, the rest will take its course. Your intensity might be daunting for some. However, your success and popularity will ease some of that. In terms of career, take it slow in from late June and late August. Khan suggests utilising that time in planning and making thoughtful choices, because September will be your time to shine! In November and early December, stay focused on your education and social life.


(November 22nd - December 21st)

Welcome the fast-paced year, Sagittarius! Be ambitious, your planet’s got you covered. Career and money will be good this year. You’ll be doing many big things, travelling and meeting people. You’ll be super busy! From March to July, stop and think about all the things you’re doing in your professional and social life. November onwards, you’ll be in the zone! What does Khan have to say to Sagittarians? “With your Star Jupiter visiting its own Zodiac this year, expect one of the most memorable time of your life to come.” Sweet!


(December 22nd - January 19th)

Walk into 2018 with a clearer perspective which will make achieving your goals and following your dreams easier. From the start of the year, you’ll enjoy good fortune. Khan suggests to “be ambitious but also to be wise.” From mid of April to early September, you’ll be impatient and anxious but the key is not to dwell on the obstacles too much. Sort yourself out, plan your strategy and you’ll find yourself well-organised and very well respected too.


(January 20th - February 18th)

This year will bring a lot of changes in your life (even fundamental) which will only put you in an important and influential position. Whatever you are doing, take it seriously and it will bring success for you. Khan advises to “take this time to heal and focus on rocky relationships.” Improve yourself and make practical decisions!


(February 19th - March 20th)

Work hard, Pisces, and follow your intuitions all year long. In May, a lot of practical and materialistic concerns will pop up but don’t take anything for granted. Agendas will be imposed on you but stay strong and don’t lose sight of your dreams. The rest will be a breeze. Things start to look up in November. “Stop expecting the worst from everything as you always do,” is what Khan suggests. Here’s to a great year!