Wedding Trends 2018

By Sadaf Jabeen
Tue, 12, 17

The new wedding season is all about super-fun and unique details. You! takes a look at some of the current wedding trends...


The new wedding season is all about super-fun and unique details. You! takes a look at some of the current wedding trends...

Seasons are changing and New Year is approaching fast. With the onset of 2018, a bride’s vision of her wedding day is evolving as most of them are opting for more of a personalized touch. Instead of the ‘Cinderella Fairytale’ style that we have grown accustomed to, 2018 is shaping up to take on aesthetics that are stunning yet subtle.

And with social media taking over everything by storm, weddings also have to be picture perfect - which means that every detail should be Instagram worthy.

As we are well into wedding-planning time, there are a number of hot new wedding trends that brides and grooms want to go for. The wedding season is all about super-fun and unique details that convey the couple’s likes and interests, including what to serve the guests, how to design and decorate the big day and how to end it on a sweet note. Here are a few of our personal favourites for each element of the big day...

Pretty colours: Modern brides are moving away from the timeless red version of bridal attires. Wedding colour trends for 2018 will be shades of blue, green, grey and pink. Popular combinations are burnt orange, peach and plum as example for winter wedding.

Ivory has become the new bridal standard. However, brides are going steps further into champagnes and pastels to do a spin on tradition. A unique coloured ensemble leaves room for more variety in the bridal party’s colour palette. A bride in a beautiful blush pink can really stand out against a conventional background.

Beauty trend: Glowing radiance: Brides will shy away from bold eyeliner, contouring, and heavy foundation, and lean towards a more natural, dewy look. Makeup artists will be sticking with camera-friendly gold and earthy toned eyeshadows, subtle highlighting, and natural pinks for the lips and cheeks. Many women today are gravitating towards the ‘less is more’ aesthetic.

Braided beauty: Braids are all the rage when it comes to stunning hairstyles. Gone are the days of hard-as-nails updos, and instead the wispy romance of braids can be found in French, fishtail and crown styles interwoven with flower buds or crystals. Simpler braids with hearts or swirls are popular for flower girls as well, and every bridesmaid can try her own braided style.

Floral installations: This is a trend we are seeing more and more of lately and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Flower installations, backdrops and epic displays of blooms are all becoming major decor items for weddings in 2017. This is one trend that is going to stay in the coming year weddings too.

If you haven’t considered building a floral wall or installation yet, get on it! Use a floral wall for your ceremony backdrop, then let it double as a photography background. You can hire professionals and use real flowers. Choose one colour for a simple statement, or utilize varying tones of the same colour for a stunning effect.

Balloons - way to go: They’re not just for birthday parties anymore. In 2018, balloons are really stepping into the spotlight. Bunch of balloons and flowers sculpted into huge displays are a hot item for the coming year. For weddings, balloon decor looks more like a lavish art installation - it’s a real statement. White and cream balloons mixed with metallics keep things chic but fun. Use them to create a stunning backdrop for your ceremony or reception.

Greenery everywhere: Textural greens are where you want to be when planning a wedding reception in 2018. Decor is going a route that embraces organic beauty and natural feels - which includes as much greenery as one can hold at their venue. From the tables to the ceiling and to the bride’s bouquet, there’s a certain amount of romance and lushness that is spread when following this trend. And we don’t suspect it going anywhere soon.

Drone photography: Drones offer couples unique wedding photography options in 2018, bringing a birds-eye view to the ceremony and reception. These stunning photos ,capture moments of the event in beautiful shots. It can also be used for fun group wedding shots not just of the occasion, but of all the guests together. Professional wedding photographers and videographers are adding drones to their equipment lists because they can capture a stunning aerial view of the venue. Something that was nearly impossible to do even a few years ago.

An intimate affair: Engaged couples are putting emphasis on quality over quantity when it comes to their wedding guests. In recent years, more couples have been paying for their own weddings without assistance. The budget is a little tighter and one of the biggest money pits will be the food. Cutting down the guest list to people that have been an active part in your life, regardless of time and distance, they should be the ones to make the cut. The biggest problem couples face in the planning process is the guest list bloat. Instead of feeling pressured to invite family members that they have not seen or heard from in years, keep in mind that this is a celebration of the couple. Potential guests that have nothing to do with the couple are now put on the back seat. It has proven to be a HUGE money saver.

Text: Sadaf Jabeen Designer: Saira Shakira 

 Collection: Winter Wedding Shot by: Alee Hassan

Model: Neha Rajpoot Hair & Makeup: Shoaib Khan 

 Jewellery: Jaipur & Co