Hania Amir

By Iqra Sarfaraz
Tue, 12, 17

There’s something about dimples that instantly tugs at your heart and our very own dimple girl, Hania Amir

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There’s something about dimples that instantly tugs at your heart and our very own dimple girl, Hania Amir has come a long way in a short span of time. This young, pretty starlet came to the limelight with movie ‘Janaan’ in 2016. This paved the way for various offers of drama serials and TV commercials including Sunsilk, Nestle Fruita Vital, Bonanza, Mobilink Jazz and many more. This year, Hania was also seen in Nabeel Qureshi’s movie ‘Na Maloom Afraad 2’ paired alongside Mohsin Abbas Haider. Moreover, she has played prominent and impactful roles in TV serials like ‘Titli’ and ‘Phir Wohi Mohabbat’. Currently, Hania can be seen in drama serial ‘Mujhay Jeenay Doh’, which highlights the issue of child marriage. This is not all! She is also gearing up for her third film, ‘Parwaaz Hai Junoon’ that will feature her in the lead role. Let’s take a look at her likes and dislikes. Read on...

How did you enter the entertainment industry? Was it a modelling campaign or acting project?

Actually, it was neither acting nor modelling. I was making dubsmash videos when Imran Kazmi (producer of Janaan) approached me and I thought, sure, why not?

Your claim to fame project:

‘Janaan’, of course.

What do you usually wear in daily life?

Jeans and a white tee.

Your favourite international labels:

H&M and Forever21.

Your favourite international actor and model:

Ranvir Singh and Jennifer Lawrence because of their incomparable energy.

Your favourite Pakistani celebrity:

Bilal Abbas Khan because he is standing right in front of me right now!

How do you deal with your male fans?

I am nice to them and I let them take selfies with me.

Your most irritating habit:

I spit chewed up gum at people.

One thing you like best about yourself:

I am a positive person.

You don’t like people who are...


You always feel happy in the company of...

Happy and positive people.

Your most valuable possession:

I am not a materialistic person. For me, the relationships and emotional bonds that I have with people are the most important.

Your all-time favourite movies:

‘Ram Leela’ and ‘Tangled’.

Are you a shopaholic?


What bores you the most?

I don’t know really, depends on my mood.

When feeling low you prefer:

Alone time or distraction.

You are crazy about...

Unicorns. I was going to get a unicorn tattoo.

Among your friends you are known as...

I am the Guru. I give good advice to people.

Are you a social person or a loner?

A little bit of both I think.

How do you like to spend your Sundays?

What are Sundays? Haha.

In your childhood, were you a bright student?

My teachers always used to say I am capable and smart, but don’t pay enough attention.

Your favourite hangout:

That really depends on my mood. Sometimes I want to sit at home, eat pizza and watch films, but then sometimes I want go out on the beach.

Something very few people know about you as a person...

That I am afraid of microwaves.

Your ultimate desire...

To be happy and positive, no matter what! Also, I want others around me to feel the same way.

Is acting your passion, a hobby or just a way to earn a living?


What do you like most about your job?

With every project that I do, I get to discover more sides to my personality.

Your favourite designers:


Your idea of romance:

A very strong bond of friendship.

You like boys who are...

Down-to-earth, not creepy or clingy and smell nice.

Happiness is...


The best gift you have ever received?

An anklet.

The biggest misconception about you...

That I am a diva and I have an attitude problem.

What would be your advice to someone who wants to join the showbiz industry?

Don’t care about what people say, do your thing and be happy about it. It’s not a competition.

If you weren’t doing what you are doing today you would be...

I’d be working at McDonalds.