Different work station

By Gul
Tue, 01, 17

This week You! takes a look at a recently opened cafe in Islamabad, designed especially for working women...


This week You! takes a look at a recently opened cafe in Islamabad, designed especially for working women...

Cafe culture has gained popularity over the last few years. Every now and then we see new cafes opening up in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Each cafe offers something new to its client in terms of theme, decor and setting. Recently opened, ‘Kafe Kaam’, by Dr. Rakhshinda Perveen, is different in the sense that it provides a platform for working women to come and share their ideas over a cup of tea/coffee in a relaxed environment.Different work station

According to Dr. Rakhshinda, who conceptualized and executed this idea, “I was working on it for the past two years. I wanted to come up with something which could provide women a place for working and munching at the same time. Women can come here with their laptops and can spend some time here in happy surroundings.”

“It is Pakistan’s first co-working cafe. We also provide priority packages for single moms and women with disabilities,” adds Dr. Rakhshinda.              

Designed on modern lines, the interior of the place is done thoughtfully. The design elements of the bistro - be it the colour combination, lighting, furnishings - are in complete harmony. Walls are painted in warm hues; mainly in black and white. However, one cannot ignore the dominating purple wall which gives a fresh appeal to the overall ambiance.

Different work stationWith a seating capacity of 30 people, the cafe houses a cold kitchen corner, book shelf and a rest room. A lot of emphasis has been placed upon lighting which is one of the most obvious elements of interior design and mainly contributes to the functionality, mood and atmosphere of any space. The wall-to-wall carpet furnishes a rich look; whereas multipurpose tables in different geometrical shapes, complemented by comfortable chairs in hues of purple and grey, offer a contemporary setting. “I have kept the interiors simple as people tend to feel more relaxed and comfortable if the decor is not too rigid or grand,” enunciates Dr. Rakhshinda.

The inclusion of interesting artefacts and paintings that are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes in the cafe also enhances the beauty of the decor. The paintings have been chosen carefully that gel well with the theme of the cafe. “We are ready to provide a platform for emerging artists. They can organize musical evenings, comedy nights, and painting exhibitions at our one-of-a-kind cafe,” shares Dr. Rakhshinda who is also a gender expert and social activist.  

Different work station“What makes this cafe unconventional is the fact that it invites all strata of the society; including entrepreneurs, development practitioners, youth leaders, media professionals, writers, feminists, activists; to come and feel free to talk on any subject which is close to their heart - while indulging in hot, warm meals,” says Dr. Rakhshinda. 

The eatery mostly offers desi food along with tea, coffee and lassi. “We emphasise on giving fresh and healthy meals to our customers. I myself am very health conscious and pay extra attention to hygiene. Since I am the main chef here, I take personal interest in everything related to this cafe - from suggesting menus to adding intriguing details to the interiors from time to time,” explains Dr. Rakhshinda.

Dr. Rakhshinda has plans to expand her cafe to other cities too. “I have taken this initiative with a solid mission to provide a platform to working women, and hence I have named it Kafe Kaam. I hope it will turn into a successful venture and I expect to see more franchises of Kafe Kaam all over Pakistan in the near future,” concludes Dr. Rakhshinda.