It’s all in the bottle

By Sadaf Jabeen
Tue, 01, 17

As we begin a bright new year, perfumers have sensed this emotional craving for a fresh start by showcasing scents laced with light florals and just a dash of sweetness...


As we begin a bright new year, perfumers have sensed this emotional craving for a fresh start by showcasing scents laced with light florals and just a dash of sweetness...

It’s all in the bottle

Your perfume can say as much about you as your clothing can. One spray from a decorative, little bottle and people will know whether you’re flirty and fun, strong and smart, or seriously sexy. Anyone who has dashed out the door only to realize they forgot to spray on their favourite fragrance knows the uneasiness that comes with not feeling confident about the way you smell. In fact, research shows that physical attraction may actually be based on smell.

For some, it’s all about the signature scent. For others, it’s more exciting to change fragrance with mood. Whatever type of fragrance wearer you are, you should know that, like fashion, the sweet smelling world of perfume and cologne experiences trends.

According to fragrance experts, the latest trends in perfumes for women are perfectly suited to winter, like masculine-influenced scents with notes like black pepper, wood and leather.

  The personal touch:

The expected fragrance trends for 2017 are steering towards more personal blends.

Perfume fans around the globe are undoubtedly pressuring perfumers into creating olfactive concoctions with propensity of developing into unique fragrant signatures.

In line with this shift, a growing number of brands are turning to personalization to reassure consumers that perfume is not simply a bland gift. Other examples include Burberry offering consumers the chance to carve their initials on a bottle.

  Exotic accents:

Exotic is in, especially when it comes to sweet smelling perfume trends. In addition to this personalized scents trend, the so called oud fascination will continue to grow. Oud provides luxurious musk as a base note for decidedly mystical scents. This means we can expect a fair amount of sexy, date night perfumes and colognes to bask in the oud sun.

   Unisex perfumes:It’s all in the bottle

Unisex perfumes with their gender bending selection and marriage of notes will continue to take over the market of romantic and floral themed spring fragrances.

   Simple Scents:

Not everyone loves to wear sweet smelling scents, but an entire insider movement toward more simplistic fragrances is inspiring even the minimalists to get in on the trend. Fragrances with top notes of simple ingredients like mint, grass, lemon, or even leather make for wearable scents that become part of a persona, rather than just a perfume.

  Mixing it up:

You can create your own personalized scent when you layer two or more fragrances together. It’s been a beauty insider secret for years, and one that creates your own perfect mixture. Try mixing spicy scents with a fruity fragrance, or go for floral with a musky tone. Experiment with some of the scents you already own, and you could create a fragrance that is uniquely you.

  Rise and rise of the sequel:It’s all in the bottle

Just as Hollywood has successfully minimized the risk of box-office disaster through a steady stream of re-works and sequels, smart perfume brands continue to grow their market share through new lines. Established brands such as Hugo Boss have a successfully grown existing product lines, while Marc Jacobs continues to inspire consumers, with further sequels and sub-brands of its best-selling Daisy line consistently ranking in the top new launches of the year.

  Best winter perfumes for women:

Winter is the season for rich and robust fragrances that wrap around you in a cocoon of warmth.  Sensuous woody scents combined with light florals and just a dash of sweetness lend you comfort at this chilly time.

Women are becoming less afraid to go androgynous with their fragrance and this year’s best new perfume releases reflect that. From sexy gourmand fragrances to fresh, elegant scents, discover your perfect perfume for Winter 2017, we have lovingly compiled for you...

Marc Jacobs Decadence: If there’s any time to wear a decadent perfume, it’s winter. In the cold, the fragrance doesn’t travel as far, meaning that if you want other people to be able to smell your perfume, a stronger scent is the way to go. Marc Jacobs Decadence is a robust scent that will see you get the compliments you deserve. This sensual, woody fragrance is glamorous and seductive. It features rich notes of Italian plum and iris flower that give it a delicious scent.

It’s all in the bottle

 Maison Martin Margiela Replica - By the Fireplace: If you can’t stand a sugary sweet scent and aren’t keen on smelling like a bouquet of flowers, this rich, woody fragrance may just be the one for you. The scent features top notes of pink pepper, orange flower petals and clove oil, middle notes of chestnut, guaiac wood oil and cade oil, and base notes of vanilla, Peru balsam and cashmeran. Overall it is masculine yet fresh. As a bonus, this gender-free fragrance can also pull double duty and be shared between you and your beau.It’s all in the bottle

DKNY Be Desired: The addictive fragrance, which comes in a cute an iconic green apple bottle, is both exotic and urban in a standout way. It features a range of gorgeous and seductive notes that include orange oil, blackcurrant, violet leaves, iced grapefruit, Egyptian cassie absolute, Arabian jasmine, Turkish rose, cedarwood, amber woods, and cashmeran (blonde woods). The mixture of these fragrances creates an incredible perfume that will leave you smelling delicious and feeling intensely desired.

Cashmere Eau de Parfum: Inspired by the luxury of cashmere, this bright, elegant scent is one of this winter’s most wearable (much like a cashmere sweater itself). Upon first spritz, you get sparkling bergamot and cedar leaf — but calming sandalwood, tonka bean and musks soon follow.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium: It is the ultimate wintertime perfume for women. This modern fragrance is seductively intoxicating to both men and women and contains some much-loved cold-weather scents. Notes of rich coffee beans awaken then senses the moment you spray this perfume, offering a jolt of energy, while vanilla creates a sweet sensuality to balance its intensity. The scent is completed and lifted with a refreshing dose of jasmine that gives this perfume its light and feminine finish. Appropriate for daily use, Black Opium is the kind of fragrance that you want to make your signature scent.

  The trendy outlets:

In the end, no matter what 2017 brings us fragrance-wise, it is to remember that it is all about the wearer of the perfume, not the label on the bottle or its name that it matters.

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