Mohsin Abbas Haider

By Sadaf Jabeen
Tue, 10, 16

We all connect Mohsin Abbas with his debut film ‘Na Maloom Afrad’ where he got instant fame owing to his great acting skills.


Mohsin Abbas HaiderWe all connect Mohsin Abbas with his debut film ‘Na Maloom Afrad’ where he got instant fame owing to his great acting skills. But did you know that this talented actor started his career as RJ on a radio station in Faisalabad? Later he moved to Karachi in 2005 to learn the art of singing from NAPA and to explore his talents. His first song was ‘Bay Parwah Dhola’ which was composed by himself. Formally trained by Ustad Salamat Ali, he launched himself with a Punjabi/folk track in 2009 and since then became a household name by appearing in more than 400 shows of a satire show on a local TV channel and performing more than 1000 tracks. A fabulous speaker, whose narration is his trademark with necessary wit and rhyme, Mohsin is someone who has explored many interests in life. Mohsin appeared in recently concluded Coke Studio, Season 9. Currently he is working on a television serial, focusing on acting, and he is also planning a music video. This week let’s see what are the likes and dislikes of this multi-task performer... 

 You are more known as an actor, what motivated you to start singing?  

What an interesting question! Actually I was known as an actor in university to start with, but later on I became the president of the music society of my university. I think that was when I felt that I should learn music. Thus I joined NAPA and got trained by Ustaad Salamat Ali Khan. Then the music of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan motivated me greatly to start singing, as I have been listening to him since childhood. I remember my father used to play his numbers in our car all the time. Then Rafi Sahab also inspired me. So all these factors combined to motivate me to take up singing. 

   Who introduced you to showbiz as an actor?  Mohsin Abbas Haider

Nobody introduced me as such. I used to do a radio show called ‘B for Bhangra’, and I was doing some vocal training when I got a call for the ‘4 Man Show’. That’s how I began my career in acting as a mimic artist. 

  In your childhood were you a bright student?  

I think I was. I never failed in exams and always attained good marks. I was weak in maths though, but overall I was teacher’s favourite.  


 Who was your favourite rock/jazz star when you were growing up or in your teens?  

‘Junoon’ band was my favourite. In their time they were really wow. 

  Your favourite international music celebrities:  

I’m a huge fan of Sonu Nigam. And, I love Black Eyed Peas as a band and Celine Dion. 

   Your favourite music composer:  

A.R. Rahman and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab 

   How was your Coke Studio experience?  

It was a phenomenal experience by any measure! I think nothing better than this has happened in my life till date. The energy in the studio was electrifying all the time, and working closely with so many musicians of the highest calibre was very soul uplifting. It is really a unique and a great platform which has provided unparalleled opportunities for musicians to show their talent and become stars.   

   Your claim to fame film:  

‘Na-maloom Afraad’ - undoubtedly 

   Do you intend to pursue acting as your career or singing?  

I wish I could do both together! I can safely say that if acting is like my wife, then I definitely have an extra marital affair with singing (laughs). 

   Mohsin Abbas HaiderWhat do you usually wear in daily life? 

 I love wearing jeans with a black or a white shirt...I have a good collection of black and white shirts. 

   Your favourite international labels: 

 ZARA and H&M 

   How do you deal with your female fans? 

 Haha... I blush...(laughs) 

  One thing you like best about yourself: 

I am very caring and loving. I go out of my way for people. But sometimes I think this is not always good for me.  

  Your most irritating habit: 

I am very short tempered. I wish I could keep a control on that. I am working on it! 

   You like boys who are....  

Not cheap. I like sober people 

    You don’t like people who are... 

Two-faced or liars, and sadly there seem to be a lot of this type around these days. 

   You always feel happy in the company of... 

My own self! Me time is important for me.  

   You are afraid of... 

I used to be afraid of losing my mother but then I lost her. So now I am not afraid of anything else. 

   Your most valuable possession: 

My creativity. I think I am not that talented but very blessed. 

   Your all time favourite movies:  

‘Zakhm’, and ‘The Pursuit of  


   Are you a shopaholic?  

Not really. But I like shopping once in a while, for specific things. 

   What bores you the most...  

Socializing! Like Charles Bukowski said, “I don’t hate people I just feel better when they are not around.” 

   When feeling low you prefer:  

Listening to music. 

    You are crazy about...  

Good poetry, good music.  

   You idea of romance: 

I’m very romantic. I think one should make their loved ones feel special and my idea of romance is to use music and poetry well to make someone’s day. 

   Your favourite hang-out:  

My home. 

   Something very few people know about you as a person...  

That I am a very boring person!  

(Well, we tend to disagree).