Looks of the season

By Sadaf Jabeen
Tue, 09, 16

This week Beenish Parvez has created some bright and fun makeup looks for the bold and beautiful...


This week Beenish Parvez has created some bright and fun makeup looks for the bold and beautiful...

Looks of the season

Looks of the season

Beenish Parvez is one of our most sought after hair and makeup artists. Having launched her salon in 2000, Beenish has worked with the best fashion designers and photographers to create stunning images that elevate makeup to an art form. This Karachi-based beautician has been in the beauty field for almost 17 years now. A certified beautician, she has done various courses in hair and makeup from Wella Institute, Karachi, under the guidance of qualified German teachers.

Recently, Beenish has created some new beauty looks for this season. This week this talented stylist shares some beauty trends and tricks with our readers...  

You! What’s latest in makeup this fall season?

Beenish: Glittery eyes; artsy eyeliner and neon lips. 

You! Which trend is your personal favourite?

B: Cat eyeliner is my favourite. It goes with light and dark lips

You! The must-have beauty products every woman should always carry her purse are...

B: Eye brow pencil, lipstick and mascara 

You! How to obtain a flawless beautiful skin with the right use of right makeup products?

B: Always use primer before putting your foundation or even BB cream it’s going to give you a smooth look. I love using tinted BB cream with my compact for daily use. 

You! What are the most important new makeup trends you see coming for the fall/winter season?

B: Dark lips, eyebrow shaping with the help of eyebrow gel tints, and eye liners. Looks of the season

You! Hair styles that are in this season?

B: Halfway bun, fishtail, Dutch braid and top knots are the most in hairstyles. 

You! Are smokey eyes still in vogue?

B: They are out and overrated now. 

You! What’s your signature style?

B: I like cut crease look or the smudged look 

You! When going out for a shoot which cosmetics you always carry in your bag?

B: Thanks to all the digital world nowadays we don’t need to take whole lot of cosmetics. Less is always more so just the basic makeup products until and unless the project requires some sort of specific styling or look 

You! Your own makeup bag consists...

Looks of the seasonB: Sun block is a must. Mascara, eye brow gel, blush and any dark lip colour.

You! Which is your favourite perfume?

B: Oh my God, if you came to my house, you wouldn’t believe it. I have probably 60 bottles, and I change my perfumes all the time. My mood of the day, usually - what I feel like wearing. I’m always asked, in general, ‘What are you wearing?’ So I think I have a pretty good instinct with fragrance.

 You! Your favourite brands in cosmetics:

B: I m a makeup junkie whatever comes in any brand I have to have that in my collection. But I must say few brands are love of my life like Armani, Dior, YSL, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Mac, Marc Jacobs... I can go on and on and on.

 You! To-date you have done makeup of many celebrities and models. Do you wish to do makeup of any international celebrity?

B: Well I have done makeup of almost every Pakistani celebrity including Ayesha Khan, Humaima Malick. And of course I would love to work with international celebs if I get the chance.

 You! You have worked with all the top celebrities of Pakistan. Describe the process of working with celebs to create their amazing looks. How do you handle divas?

B: It’s a little different from what we do normally with our clients. Creating looks for celebs is a big responsibility because through them we introduce new trends in the market. When I do makeup of an actress, I do it according to the specific character she is playing. It can be a Hit or Miss.

As far as handling is concerned, I handle them just like they handle Me! Because we make them look like divas.

 You! What are the most common makeup mistakes you see on the streets of Pakistan?

B: Oh, don’t ask me this. I see makeup and hair ‘disasters’ roaming around on streets and malls. I think there is a lot which our women need to learn and understand. Now, I have decided to take makeup classes in a bid to inform our women how to apply makeup correctly.Looks of the season

 You! What is the most important aspect of your job?

B: Creativity which keeps me magnetically attached to my work.

You! Any makeup tip you would like to share with your readers?

B: Prepare your skin with skin care products before starting makeup. And always remove your makeup before hitting the bed.

You! What are you currently working on or preoccupied with?

B: I am working on my own brand which is going to be out in market in 2017. And my Master makeup class which is once again going to be huge 1st Pakistani celebrity makeup artist class. 

You! What are your future endeavours or plans?

B: Expanding my brand in Pakistan and other countries and definitely extending my salon business. I am already working with big hair product brands as hair educator so that I will continue.


Text: Sadaf Jabeen l Model: Rose l Photography: Anas Hashmi l Make up & styling: Beenish Parvez