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By Sadaf Jabeen
Tue, 07, 16

This week we have compiled the top 10 hottest makeup trends for summer 2016...

beautyWhat’s hot!

This week we have compiled the top 10 hottest makeup trends for summer 2016...

Get ready for a season of colour, as the summer 2016 makeup trends feature the brightest and boldest looks perfect for any occasion! It is all about making a scene and showing off your individuality. Shadows? You've got to love them! Bold lashes? When did they leave the fashion scene anyhow? Makeup is and always will be the way a woman paints on her own skin, using the face as a canvas, expressing herself however she may wish. It requires a certain amount of skill to handle the beauty looks, to create them and be able to show them off with as much confidence as some of the models on the Fashion Week runways have been able to do. They look fabulous!

1. Candy apple & vibrant shades:

Classic means red lipstick and guess which colour is in for the new season? The colour one needs to know for the 2016 looks is the snow white red apple hue, looking positively delectable with different finishes.

Let your lips do all the talking in vibrant shades of crimson, pink, orange, and oxblood. The key to keeping it fresh and young is to pair a perfect pout with 'scrubbed skin'.

2. Smokey eyes:

The smokey eye is the easiest and most classic way to create that sex appeal you desire. The easiest way to achieve this look is to first pick three colors of the same genre. For example; silver, grey, black. Place the lightest color (silver) all over your lid and halfway up to your brow. Brush the middle color (grey) in the crease and a bit above. Take the darkest colour (black) and brush that into the corner of your eye like a triangle. Blend, blend, blend and finish the look with some smudged liner on the top and bottom, putting emphasis on the outer corners. Load on the lashes and you'll be blowing out smoke in no time.

3. Blue mood:

Forget neutral colours. Honestly, the summer makeup trends give a makeover to the eyes bringing shades of blue in bold, bright and beautiful makeup looks. How to wear it though? Well, you can go smokey with sparkling navy, or go straight on the lid with periwinkle.

4. Smudged eye shadows:

No matter the colour you decide to use on the eyes, it appears that for the summer you really do not need to have it evenly applied, even the brightest of cyan hues. Even the darker blues on the eyes have that unevenly applied appeal to them.

What’s hot!

5. Inner sparkle:

This is definitely one of the easiest makeup trends to pull off, as well as one of the simplest in appearance but do not underestimate its power. Adding a touch of sparkle to the inner corner of your eyes will provide an amazing spark to whatever shadow trend you're rocking. Add a dab of silver, or sparkling white to the inner corner and drag it along both top and bottom lashes until it reaches the rest of your makeup look. The stunning shimmer will complete any look you're trying to pull off.

6. Crazy lashes:

Crazy lashes - featuring exaggerated '60s lashes with more mascara on the bottom than the top - is the latest fad among fashionistas. One of the best ways to make a girl look like a doll is to play with her eyes, particularly her lashes. We all know that Barbie has intense lashes with large, gorgeous eyes.

7. Coloured mascaras:

Channel your inner kindergarten and get creative because the hottest makeup trend is all about not being afraid of colours. The easiest way to indulge in a little colour play at the office or a music festival alike, non-black mascaras are having a moment. You can mix and match a bright lash hue, like cobalt blue or yellow, with complementary slashes of eyeliner or wear it alone. Either way, it's going to make you look twenty times cooler.

8. Blush high on cheekbones:What’s hot!

Blush might not be the most common trend seen on the runways during the SS 2016 Fashion Week shows, but it certainly does appear and we are almost always left spellbound. It seems as if the high placement of the blush colouring on the cheekbones is the way to go, effectively bringing elegance to an ensemble you have thrown together.

9. Bold liners:

There are lines everywhere this season. These include the standard eyeliners that one must master the waterlining and tightlining techniques in order to create perfectly. Many designers opt for the bold liner looks in different colours, including a gorgeous blue. Floating eyeliners seem to be an interesting bit to add to the already appealing new trend.

 Wedge eyeliner is also a popular trend this season. Some makeup trends for the winged out liner can be thick and short, while others are thin and dragged out. Some fill the whole lid, while others smudge the liner in. The best thing is that no matter what you choose to fit you, it's haute because all winged liners are always on the trending list.

10. Radiant skin:

The fresh and radiant skin that has been trending on the runways is one of the best summer 2016 makeup trends we certainly love to see, as if women have newly stepped out of the shower and used an apricot scrub to cleanse out the pores perfectly before covering up with a touch of powder for instant fabulous and matte.­


Designer: Saira Shakira

Model: Zara Peerzada

Photography: Bee Works 

Jewellery: Sana Aziz

Hair/Makeup: Fatima Nasir