Summer brides

By Sadaf Jabeen
Tue, 06, 16

This week You! talks to Laiqa Hasan who has come up with her bridal look-book for the coming wedding season...

beautySummer brides

This week You! talks to Laiqa Hasan who has come up with her bridal look-book for the coming wedding season...

Laiqa Hasan is one of the renowned names in the makeup industry with almost two decades of experience working with the who's who of fashion and beauty industry, locally and outside Pakistan. Her determination to be the best at what she does led her to get training from Revlon, Redken, Vidal Sassoon, LES London Esthetique School by Ruby Hammer, Glaucca Rossi School of makeup, to name a few. Laiqa Hasan, the founder and owner of Laiqa Hasan Salon and Spa, has personally worked with her team of beauticians to create the signature looks suitable for the Karachi brides for the July-August wedding season. "Beauty is about enhancing what you have. Let yourself shine through," shares the makeup guru Laiqa Hasan, while talking about her bridal look-book. "With this summer look-book we are showcasing our bridal makeup range appropriate for the season - keeping it soft and subtle - to bring out the natural features of the glowing bride on her big day." This week You! talks to this ace beautician...

You! What's latest in makeup this season?

Laiqa Hasan: Non-touring is in this summer and as hard as it seems but contouring is definitely not as popular for summer 2016. It's all about making your skin look dewy and glowy. Another trend I have noticed is apart from a bold eye liner wing is the negative space eyeliner. It's like a 'cut out effect' and looks sleek! (Don't forget to use eye primer!)

You! What kind of hair styles are in this season?

L.H: Taylor Swift and Zendaya have gone for the bold chop! Bobs! I've always been pro-short hair especially since Karachi heat is unbearable. However, if women aren't so daring they can always go for the long-layered cut which is timeless. Scrunching the hair with sea-salt to get those effortless waves/curls or doing an outward blow dry looks great.

You! Do you emphasize on using foundation? If so why?

L.H: I do, yes. It is important to apply your foundation with precision as just the application can change your entire makeup look. You can go from blotchy skin to an airbrushed look.

You! Is smokey eyes still in vogue?

L.H: In my opinion yes, makeup artists including myself have gone beyond the traditional black smokey eye and have started creating beautiful smokey eyes with even soft colours, neutrals and shades of brown. It all depends on the look you're trying to achieve, your eye colour and what type of event you're attending. My personal favourite smokey eye would be shades of gold going into amber brown.

You! What beauty regimen should women adopt to take care of their skin in this weather?

L. H: I can't stress on this enough, but in this weather, when you come back home from errands etc, wash your face and ice it for 5 minutes. Even before you apply makeup, wash your face with ice cold water or ice it for a few minutes. This will not only close your pores but will also freshen the face and soothe it from the heat. Also women must adopt to apply sun block on their faces and necks.

You! What are the most common make-up mistakes you see on the streets of Pakistan? What makeup mistakes do women often make?

L.H: Unfortunately, it's always the foundation. A lot of Pakistani women have an affinity to look fair so you usually see foundation that doesn't match. It ends up looking grey which is unflattering.

Other mistakes are usually women stretching the skin around their eye to make a wing. This is seriously damaging to the sensitive skin and is more prone to developing wrinkles and crow's feet. Since the trend of having thick eye brows is also in, you see lots of women who don't know how to colour their eyebrows in and it ends up looking very unnatural.

You! What's latest in bridal makeup?

L.H: Brides will go for a more light and subtle base in order to look fresh and natural. Brides should focus more on having a natural effortless look with strobing to highlight their cheekbones and warm tones for eye shadows.   

You! What types of hairstyles are in among brides?

L.H: It all depends on the face cut and clothes and jewellery she is carrying.

You! If given a free hand, what type of bridal makeup you will prefer?

L.H: I prefer light makeup.

You! When doing bridal makeup, do you listen to your bride or you do as you like?

L.H: I do listen to brides but I still give my professional advice for the look.

You! Are brides difficult to handle?

L.H: I haven't experienced one yet. A lot of brides who come in feel stressed out or nervous. As long as I am able to make them calm and enjoy the experience as well as make them confident that they are in safe hands it usually goes smoothly.

You! You have worked with all the top celebrities of Pakistan. Do you give them special treatment or you handle them as one of your regular clients?

L.H: All are given same and special treatment as my regular clients, all are my stars.

You! Do celebrities throw tantrums when they visit your salon?

L.H: I have a very strict policy at my salon. My staff is like family to me and I do not tolerate any diva tantrums or rude behaviour that would upset them.

You! Your own makeup bag consists of?

L.H: Everyone is always shocked to hear this but just a blusher, a foundation stick and mascara!

Your favourite brands in cosmetics?

L.H: Lately it's been Makeup Forever. Their HD foundation stick is brilliant and their lip liners are amazing.

You! Do you train aspiring beauticians?

L.H: Not anymore.

You! Any makeup tip you would like to share with your readers?

L.H: If you like to use foundation and to contour, then use a beauty blender and make sure it's wet to create an even and blended look.

You! What is the most important aspect of your job?

L.H: To satisfy my salon and spa clients with my services

You! What are you currently working on or preoccupied with?

L.H: Currently, I've been busy with creating my summer 2016 and winter 2016 bridal/party looks. I'll be releasing new looks every few weeks so stay tuned!