For your own skin

By Sadaf Jabeen
Tue, 06, 16

This week You! talks to stylist/beautician Masarrat Misbah about her makeup line...

beautyFor your own skin

 This week You! talks to stylist/beautician Masarrat Misbah about her makeup line...

Ace beautician/stylist and philanthropist Masarrat Misbah needs no introduction. A graduate from St. Joseph’s college, Misbah started her salon ‘Depilex’ in early ‘80s when there were only few beauty salons in Karachi. She has received formal training of makeup, beauty therapy and skin treatment from prestigious beauty centres in USA, UK, Germany and France. It is largely due to her dedication that Depilex soon became a well known beauty salon. Depilex now has now more than 23 branches in Pakistan and one in Dubai, UAE.

Misbah has introduced many new techniques in makeup and hair styling. She was never afraid to do experiments in makeup. In 2014, she introduced her own makeup line. And in no time MM makeup has carved a niche for itself as an innovative purity based halal certified beauty brand. This week You! talks to this esteemed beautician about her makeup products: 

For your own skin

You! What made you interested in launching cosmetics?

Masarrat Misbah: I have spent over 35 years working in this industry and with the experience and knowledge I gained I wanted to create an exclusive line. There have been many times as a makeup artist when I have come across products that are not suited for our skin tone, type or climate. I just felt like it’s time to have a complete range that is customized to the needs of a Pakistani woman and so when she applies MM Makeup, she knows that it has been made especially for her. I formally launched my make up line last year- in 2015 spring/summer.

You! You have already competitors in the market like Atiqa Odho and Mehr Bano Sethi (Luscious), what makes your products different from them?

M.M: MM Makeup is a complete range of cosmetics and the first and only certified halal cosmetic range available in Pakistan that sets us apart from all makeup products and brands currently available in Pakistan.

You! What is your range of products?

M.M: Our wide range is distinguished by sensual textures, modern colour palettes, fun and sleek packaging. From flawless skin foundation and pressed powder, especially created for Pakistani and South Asian skin tones, to vibrant eye and lip varnishes, liners, mascaras, lipsticks and iridescent stay-on blushers, MM Makeup has it all.

You! Are your products expensive? Do they meet international standards?

M.M: We have kept our prices very affordable, keeping in view the competition, as well as the buying power of the customer. MM Makeup is on par, not only with international trends but also quality standards.

You! As Eid is approaching, what new cosmetics you are introducing to your collection?

M.M: For Eid and Bridal season we have created the MM Summer 2016 looks. These looks also give a step-by-step guide on how to create them. We have used colourful and deep hues for versatility that can be toned up or toned down depending on what time of the day you wear them.

You! Do you emphasize on using foundation?

M.M: I emphasize on using foundation the correct way and of the correct shade. Choosing the right foundation is tricky and women often use too much or in a wrong shade mostly too light that gives their skin a grey look.

For your own skin

You! Have you introduced any thick foundation specifically used for bridal makeup?

M.M: The last thing a bride needs is to look cakey; she needs a foundation that sits naturally on her skin and lasts long, which is why the MM Silk Foundation is perfect for our brides. It is light wear, long lasting and most importantly it comes in 12 shades suitable for the Asian complexion.

You! Are smokey eyes still in vogue?

M.M: You can never go wrong with a Smokey eye. As part of the MM Summer Looks 2016 we created a Dramatic look that incorporated a deep purple Smokey eye - different from typical darker Smokey eye.

You! What beauty regimen should women adopt to take care of their skin in this weather?

M.M: I always recommend my clients to cleanse, tone and moisturize two to three times a day, exfoliate once a week, don’t leave the house without sun-block and if you can’t figure out what products are best for you, always get professional advice.

You! What makeup mistakes do women often make?

M.M: The most common make up mistake I have noticed is low contouring on the cheeks - which gives the appearance of sagging cheeks. The key is to not going too low and highlight the top of the cheekbones. My favourite is the Ethereal Glow from MM Makeup... it’s the perfect highlighter for the day time and can be layered on to define and contour for an evening look.

You! Any makeup tip you would like to share with your readers?

M.M: Never leave out your eyebrows - they balance your face and sparse brows can age you. Choose a powder colour one shade lighter than your eyebrows to fill in and then follow with either a pencil or gel fixer to define them further.

You! To-date you have done makeup of many celebrities and models. Do you wish to do makeup of any international celebrity?

M.M: I have been lucky to work with Pakistan’s leading celebrities, actors, models. I had a chance to do makeup of international personalities like Christopher Lee for Jinnah, Lady Diana and Margaret Thatcher when they visited Pakistan. Well, there are many celebrities I would like to do their makeup, let’s see what the future holds.

You! What is the most important aspect of your job?

M.M: The most important aspect of my job is empowering woman whether it’s through educating them about my field, teaching them a skill or just making them feel confident in their own skin with the right makeup look.

You! What are you currently working on or preoccupied with?

M.M: We are currently busy with launching new additions to our makeup line that we are expecting to launch in the fall.

Do you train aspiring beauticians?

M.M: Yes, at the Depilex Beauty Institute and the Depilex College of Cosmetology we train young aspiring artists not just on beauty aesthetics but also on how to progress in their professional life through communications and business training. We believe in investing in the new generations of beauticians and providing them with know-how that is at par with all international standards. 

You! What are your future endeavours or plans?

M.M: My future plans are focused on education, the beauty business is growing in Pakistan and someone needs to take up the responsibility of educating women alongside the growing demand of the industry and that’s exactly what I plan on doing.