Bring sun and fun to your screens

By Faiza M.
Tue, 07, 24

From classic movies about summer to new favourites for 2024, these films evoke that summer feeling...

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of summer. As the sun starts to shine more consistently and the weather warms up, you know what that means - summer is in full swing! Amid all the parties and delectable summer meals, there are other ways to relax and enjoy the long days, like watching nostalgic summer movies that evoke those sentimental summertime feelings. After all, summer is about taking it easy and savouring the moments life brings - so why not enjoy them from the comfort of your home?

To help you narrow down the endless array of summer flicks, we’ve rounded up a list of the all-time best summer movies you can watch now. Not only do these films centre around the best time of the year, but they’re the perfect way to relive those times repeatedly. Many of the movies about summer on this list are well-loved classics, while some choices may surprise you (in the best way).

Whether you’re reliving the carefree days of your youth or creating new summer memories, these films are perfect for immersing yourself in the season’s spirit. So, settle in with some popcorn, invite your loved ones, and let these movies help you soak up every drop of summer magic...

Mother of the Bride

Bring sun and fun to your screens

If you’re craving a tropical escape, ‘Mother of the Bride’ delivers. Directed by Mark Waters, starring Miranda Cosgrove and Brooke Shields s Emma and Lana, a mother-daughter duo whose lives are turned upside down when Emma returns home with surprising news - she’s getting married in Thailand, and the groom’s father happens to be Lana’s long-lost love, played by Benjamin Bratt. As wedding plans unravel amidst family drama and unexpected reunions, Lana finds herself grappling with unresolved feelings and rediscovering the power of love in unexpected places.

Along for the Ride

Bring sun and fun to your screens

Looking for summer romance? Directed by Sofia Alvarez, Emma Pasarow shines as Auden, a recent high school graduate spending her summer in a picturesque beachside town, where she meets Eli, a mysterious BMX biker played by Belmont Cameli. Bonding over their shared insomnia, the pair embarks on nightly adventures that bring Auden the carefree experiences she missed during her adolescence. Set against a backdrop of mini golf, drive-in movies, and beach bike rides, ‘Along for the Ride’ captures the essence of youthful exploration and budding romance amidst the backdrop of a sleepy coastal community.

Anyone But You

Bring sun and fun to your screens

Switching gears to the romantic comedy realm, ‘Anyone But You’ offers a delightful escape directed by Will Gluck and loosely inspired by Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing.’ Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney shine as Ben and Bea, whose chance encounter in a coffee shop leads to a magical first date. However, a misunderstanding pulls them apart, only to reunite them in the most unexpected of circumstances: pretending to be a couple to please their meddling loved ones and stir up some jealousy among their exes. Powell and Sweeney’s on-screen chemistry sizzles as they navigate a whirlwind of comedic situations and heartfelt moments, making the movie a perfect blend of raunchy humour and genuine romance.

Rip Tide

Bring sun and fun to your screens

For a wholesome family flick, catch ‘Rip Tide.’ The movie offers a heart-warming family-friendly escape set against the stunning backdrop of an Australian beach town. Debby Ryan stars as Cora, an American model who finds herself seeking refuge Down Under after a humiliating incident goes viral in New York City. Embracing the opportunity to start anew, Cora reconnects with her aunt, discovers a passion for fashion design, and learns to surf, all while forging meaningful connections with newfound friends and possibly finding love along the way.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Bring sun and fun to your screens

Step into the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s golden era with ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, featuring a stellar cast including Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, Austin Butler, Margaret Qualley, and Dakota Fanning. Transported to 1969 Los Angeles, the film follows Rick Dalton, a struggling actor played by DiCaprio, and his loyal stunt double Cliff Booth, portrayed by Pitt. As Dalton navigates his fading career in Tinseltown, both men unwittingly become entangled in a gripping murder plot involving the notorious Manson family, leading to a thrilling and unpredictable narrative that blends fact and fiction against the backdrop of a rapidly changing Hollywood world.