By Asif Khan
Tue, 06, 24

This week You talks to young actress Rehma Zaman and finds out about her beauty secrets…



Rehma Zaman has emerged as a striking face in the fashion industry. Formerly a national-level high jumper, Rehma seamlessly moved into modelling, earning a place in the limelight of show business. Her modelling career began with well-known brands like Nike and popular energy drinks, which drew the eye of talent agencies looking to hire her.

Rehma’s talent blossomed in her acting debut with ‘Shatranjh’ gaining her a role in serials such as ‘Mannat Murad’, ‘Mere Humnasheen’ and ‘Berukhi’. In each performance, she demonstrated her acting talent and depth, leaving an impact on the audience. She’s going to be coming out with more exciting projects soon. This week, she spills her beauty secrets with You!....

What’s your go-to everyday makeup look?

My everyday makeup is all about keeping it minimal and natural, with lovely peach and pink tones.

When did you start experimenting with makeup?

I started dabbling in makeup around 18 or 19. Back then, I just used some blush, lipstick, and maybe mascara. It wasn’t until I began acting that I learned the full spectrum of makeup techniques, from primer to setting spray.

Do you wear makeup every time you step out?

Not always. I love going makeup-free when I’m off-duty.

What skincare products do you use for shoots?

Absolutely, sunblock is a must-have in my daily routine. I never skip it, along with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serum. My go-to sunscreen is La Roche-Posay.


Any summer skincare tips for students?

Stay hydrated and slather on the sunscreen. It might not seem crucial now, but in ten years, you’ll see how it prevents wrinkles and pigmentation.

What’s your favourite perfume?

I can’t pick just one. I love mixing Chanel No. 5, Gucci Flora, and Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540.

What are your top lipstick brands?

I’m a big fan of M.A.C and YSL. Recently, I’ve been loving a local brand called Zero Makeup for its amazing texture and pigment.

Do you prefer lighter or warmer foundation tones?

I stick to a shade close to my natural skin tone. For instance, Zero Makeup shade number 4, Crème, matches perfectly.


How do you remove makeup after a long day of shooting?

I use a double cleanse method: an oil cleanser to take off the makeup and then my regular face wash for a deep clean.

How do you handle hair damage from styling?

I avoid straightening as much as possible since I adore my natural curls. When I do style my hair, I use a heat protectant or wear a wig if necessary, and I treat my hair with deep conditioning treatments regularly.

What’s your secret to preventing hair fall?

I often oil my hair or apply homemade hair masks. Additionally, I get PRP treatments to boost hair growth.

What’s your take on natural and zero makeup?

I love the natural and zero makeup look. It’s light on the skin and much better than heavy, cakey makeup. That style is so outdated.

Advice for women who find expensive makeup brands too costly?

Looking good isn’t about how much you spend. Beauty comes from within. Many local brands offer excellent quality at affordable prices.

What’s your fitness secret?

I drink vinegar and honey water every morning on an empty stomach. It’s my must-have routine.

What’s in your beauty bag, and which makeup item can’t you live without?

My beauty bag is packed with skincare essentials. I usually go without heavy makeup, but I always have blush or lip tint with me.


Which makeup brand are you obsessed with?

I can’t choose just one. My vanity has everything from local brands like Miss Rose, Beautify by Amna, and Zero Makeup to high-end ones like Gucci, Dior, and Charlotte Tilbury.

What’s your biggest worry when applying makeup?

I have combination skin, so I’m always worried about my foundation getting patchy. My t-zone gets oily, so I constantly retouch and set my makeup every 15-20 minutes.

How important are facials for your skincare routine?

I’ve nearly given up on facials. I rarely get a hydra facial anymore, preferring more effective aesthetic treatments like CO2 laser, mesotherapy, pico laser, and PRP for my face and hair.

What’s your opinion on the trend of whitening creams?

I’m completely against it. This trend damages our society by making people feel less confident if they’re not fair-skinned. We need to ditch fair skin as a beauty standard.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is anything that makes you feel happy and confident.