By Gul Nasreen
Tue, 06, 24

Let’s see what are the likes and dislikes of this attractive model-cum-actor. Read on…


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Armed with an MBA degree, Zarmeena Ikram stepped into the modelling world a few years ago. Her charming and poised personality led her to fame in no time. Soon she was getting offers from TV producers who were eager to cast this pretty girl in their productions. “I did my first drama ‘Mera Kya Qasoor Tha’ in 2016. I never wanted to become an actress. I explored my inclination and interest towards it with time,” elucidates Zarmeena who has showed her acting skills in popular TV series including ‘Log Kya Kahengye’, ‘Amanat’, and ‘Bandhan’. Zarmeena appeared as Farah Ali Khan (Dawood’s second wife) in a recently concluded drama ‘Ishq Murshid’. “The series was a massive hit. Though my role was negative, people really appreciated my performance,” says Zarmeena. “For now, I have taken a short break from acting and focusing more on fashion projects until I come across a credible script,” she adds. Let’s see what are the likes and dislikes of this attractive model-cum-actor. Read on…

* Your favourite international labels:

Loewe Solo, De Beers, Calvin Klein and D&G.

* Who are your favourite designers?

Nomi Ansari, Ali Xeeshan, Husain Rehar are my favourite local designers whereas Manish Malhotra and Schiaparelli are my favourite international brands/designers. I love their creations.

* What do you usually wear in daily life?

It depends on my mood. Sometimes it’s eastern, sometimes it’s western. I love experimenting with fashion and styling.

* What is your favourite thing in your closet right now?

My comfy night-wear.


* What is the best purchase you’ve ever made?

An Italian diamond ring.

* What are your healthy habits?

Do yoga and meditation every day. It keeps me fit and healthy.

* What’s your favourite breakfast food?

It can go from desi to English, depending upon my mood. But I love eggs – be it boiled, fried, scrambled or different types of omelettes.

* Your beauty regimen:

A good facial wash and body scrub every day.

* What is one cosmetic you cannot do without?

Lip balm.

* Your most valuable possession?

My heart. No one is allowed to break my heart.

* Are you a shopaholic?

Yes, I confess I splurge but I try to keep my shopping urge in control.

* What bores you the most?


When someone shows off.

* What’s your favourite restaurant?

Cafe Flo in Karachi.

* Your all-time favourite movie?

‘Source Code’.

* What’s the last thing you bought?

Gold earrings.

* Happiness is...

Staying true to yourself.

* Who is your celebrity crush?

Tom Hardy.

* Which superstar do you envy the most?

I have never envied anyone in my life.

* Song that always gets you on the dance floor?

‘Never Mind’ by Dennis Lloyd.

* What books are on your bedside table?

‘Masnavi’ by Rumi, ‘Thoughts of Iqbal’ by Brig (R) Taimur Afzal Khan, and ‘Hadith Qudsi’.

* You get super uncomfortable when…

When people don’t make the right choice of words while speaking.

* Last picture you took?

At an award ceremony, held recently in Karachi.

* First pay cheque?

I think it was for my first commercial for Habib cooking oil somewhere in 2017.

* You are extremely possessive about…

My time.

* How do you like to spend your Sundays?

Reading books or watching movies at home. Or sometimes hanging out with friends.

* What is your favourite thing to do on a Saturday Night?

I don’t have any rigid plans for Saturdays. It all depends on the given situation.

* When you are not working, you are usually…

Watching documentaries, Netflix etc.

* If you had access to a time machine which era would you revisit?

1920s. This era fascinates me.

* The most important relationship lesson I have learnt so far…

Invest in yourself and bond with your creator. The rest will be taken care of.

* Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Let’s see what’s written in my destiny.