Colour trends that will dominate our homes

By Kelly Allen
Tue, 02, 24

From bold hues as neutrals to soothing blues, 2024 colour trends are sure to inspire a home refresh and a mental reset. Read on...

Colour trends that will dominate our homes

colour trends

Tone-on-tone themes

Yone-on-tone colour palettes are about to take over homes inside and outside. Spaces that play with colours within one family look sophisticated and effortlessly chic. Tone-on-tone layering through texture, patterns, and materiality is an approachable style for those who may not feel experienced in interior design but are looking to elevate their homes.

Shades of green

Adjacent to the sustainability trend, we anticipate shades of green being very popular in 2024. Depending on the shade, green can be used as a neutral base. A really dark forest green can read black, while a light mint green could read white depending on the lighting and what colours you pair next to them.

Bold hues as neutrals

Green isn’t the only colour we’ll see add intrigue in place of expected neutrals. Bold hues that can act as neutrals throughout a home due to a consistent palette will be making a comeback, such as deep greens, khakis, marigold, and rich purples like eggplant and plum.

Warm, earthy colour palettes

Colour trends that will dominate our homes

Many designers are seeing continued interest in earthy colours that create warmth. According to an ace designer, “We are moving toward more creams, browns, rusts, and muted greens.”

“Trends have continued to shift away from cooler grey tones toward warmer colour palettes found in nature,” says another designer. “I love a palette that changes with natural light; you are never sure what colour it is,” she adds.

Moody black

Designers will favour shades of black over lighter neutrals as the dominant colour in interiors. “Small bathrooms and kitchens are going to start using this strong accent colour as the main hue for a space. Homeowners are embracing this dark colour because moodiness is more appealing to people for their homes in 2024,” predicts a known designer.

Alluring pinks

Prepare to see sophisticated shades of pink used in less traditional ways. Pink is making its way into the realm of contemporary style, and 2024 will take it there. Gone are the days thinking it’s a girly colour. It’s more interesting today with soft mauve hues and medium tones that have hints of brown in it.

Soothing blues

While there is a collective yearning for warmth in colour, don’t discount cool, calm blues. Blue is timeless and never really goes out of style but will be especially popular since top brands of paint all named different shades of blue as their 2024 colour.

A dedicated trend zone

Trends feel as though they are cycling through at an increasingly high rate, especially thanks to social platforms like TikTok. People who enjoy embracing these trends, which are often tied to certain colour palettes, will benefit from a dedicated zone for colour exploration. “Creating a statement wall with a patterned wallpaper or using colour as an accent will be popular ways to incorporate trendy hues,” observes another interior designer.

Courtesy: House Beautiful