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Tue, 11, 23

She juggles countless roles and responsibilities without being aware of her own welfare....



A Holistic wellness is an approach to health that considers all aspects of a woman’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being as interconnected. It focuses on the whole person rather than just one aspect, such as diet or exercise. The goal is to achieve balance in all areas of life: body, mind, and spirit. The well-being of women has been overlooked time and time again, especially as her role changes in different aspects of life; from just being a daughter and sister to a wife, mother, and daughter-in-law. She juggles countless roles and responsibilities without being aware of her own welfare.

What’s The Alternative (WTA) is an innovative sustainability platform devised and managed by SEED Ventures to offer sustainable alternatives with a focus on three pillars: environment, wellness and lifestyle, aiming to inspire individuals to rethink their choices and translate them into meaningful actions.

Recently, SEED Ventures, under its banner WTA, hosted its second event, EmpowerHER: Women’s Wellness Symposium. The event aimed to establish a platform that brings together medical experts and women for comprehensive dialogue around alternative approaches to women’s well-being. “We are committed to improving women’s well-being, and to rethink conventional practices for alternatives that empower women to lead stronger, healthier lives and foster better communities,” said Shaista Ayesha, CEO and Director, SEED Ventures.


The programme was hosted by notable journalist Sidra Iqbal, with distinguished speakers from renowned medical institutes in Pakistan, and a keynote address by internist and endocrinologist Dr Tasnim Ahsan, who was recently awarded the ‘Laureate Award 2023’ for ‘International Excellence in Endocrinology’ by the Endocrine Society of the USA.

The seminar included two panel discussions. The first panel focused on ‘Nurturing Wellness through Nutrition, Physical, and Mental Wellness’, with Dr Ashar Ekhlaq Ahmed, Rheumatologist & Medical Director, Ziauddin Group of Hospitals; Dr Sidra Iqbal, Dietician, South City Hospital; Sana Siddiqui, Consultant Psychiatrist, Co-Founder and Director at Synapse Pakistan; and Sanam Saeed, actress and mental health activist. The discussion focused on a holistic approach towards wellness that helps create the foundation for a balanced life.

The second panel, titled ‘Motherhood: The Journey from Conception to Postpartum’, was a compelling discussion with Dr Huma Aamer Haquani, Gynecologist & Infertility specialist, South City Hospital; Zarmina Faisal, Yogi; and Sunita Marshall, actress. The panel highlighted challenges faced pre and postpartum, and discussed ways and methods aside from conventional approaches of building greater resilience and support, physically, mentally and emotionally for the journey.

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