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Tue, 09, 23

Perfume elevates not only your mood but also your presence in a crowded room. You! takes a look…



Perfume is an essential part of any woman’s outfit people smell before they look, you can make a great first impression by just adding a spray of your favourite scent. It has been a universal language for years; it awakens our memory or takes us to places that we have associated with smells. A spritz of perfume under the ear, behind your wrists and on the shoulder will uplift any attire or mood. Fragrance is a symbol of love and beauty since the beginning of history; it is affiliated with luxury, class and lavishness. You! takes a look at the three most popular local brands…

An everlasting impression

Massarat Misbah has been a pioneer in the makeup world in Pakistan. She has one of the first few brands that was woman owned, cruelty free and halal. Massarat Misbah started off her makeup line through Depilex Beauty Clinic and Institute. MM cosmetics was founded in 2015, and since then, the brand has been providing a unique and personalised beauty experience ensuring quality for its customers facilitating them to maintain brand loyalty. They have begun their fragrance line recently; MM Fragrances. Consisting of nine fragrances which comprises six perfumes for women, three for men, and a delightful assortment of mists and a unique idea of three discovery boxes consisting of two for women and one for men. Masarrat Misbah, Founder and Owner of MM Fragrances expressed her excitement about this new venture, stating, “A person is incomplete without their perfect scent. Fragrances tend to leave an everlasting impression and tether us to memories as well as people. I am delighted to introduce MM Fragrances, as an extension of our commitment to add something special to our line”. With this launch, the brand aims to provide a meticulously curated selection of scents, offering a unique journey for individuals who appreciate the beauty of fragrances. This brand elevates the experience for its customers, allowing them to craft their own unique stories through the scents they wear.


The OG

Bonanza Satrangi, with over 40 years of experience in excellent fabrics and designs have ventured in the fragrance world with great ease. Satrangi is known for their value for money along with great styles that can be worn by all. Bonanza first introduced their fragrance line back in 2017. Since then, it has only grown at a tremendous rate. The brand has a wide range of perfumes with colognes for men, luxurious perfumes and mists for women and even a few unisex perfumes. The fragrances are a crowd pleaser, they are easy on the pocket, smell heavenly and are easily available online and in-store. The fragrances are skin friendly along with being long lasting, which is the most important aspect to have in any perfume. The packaging for the fragrances is absolutely gorgeous making them a great gift to any loved one. Considering the price and convenience and the beautiful scents, they are a wonderful product to have on your dresser.


Fresh vibes

Maria B., a leading fashion designer that has developed everything from casual, formal, bridal, kids wear to accessories and now fragrances. Not too long-ago Maria B. expanded their apparel line to the rising perfume industry. The brand has a perfume line that consists of twelve perfumes and mists. The diversity in the fragrances, which offer fresh and warm notes, provides a scent for every individual. They are long-lasting and absolutely divine. The perfumes provide a unique whiff to every individual as they react to the person’s skin differently. The best part is that despite being so refreshing, all the perfumes are affordable.