The desi glam

By Ayesha Anjum
Tue, 09, 23

This week, we discuss the best makeup brands that are not only locally manufactured but are high-quality, low-priced and are easily available in-store and online...

The desi glam


When it comes to makeup products, most of us prefer to use international products or brands. These brands, even though good, are not always easily available or when they are, given the current economic situation of the country, are very highly priced. In this regard, local Pakistani brands have upped their game and now various brands are providing high quality products which are easily available in the market.

A decade ago, Pakistan did not have locally manufactured makeup, the only option was to ask relatives from abroad to send some. Now, makeup brands have developed formulas and recipes that could give international brands a run for their money. Read on…

Cover the face

Beginning with the face, foundation is usually the first step when applying makeup. Sapphire, a retail store which exclusively sold clothes, both eastern and western, has now started their own makeup line. Sapphire’s foundation has a total of 9 shades at the moment, and 6 shades of BB cream. Although the shade line is limited, they balance it out by the undertone selection. Targeting brown skins and their issues like hyper-pigmentation, incorporating warm and cool tones and textured skin whilst delivering a natural yet glowy finish. The foundation is velvety, with buildable coverage from light to full and is oil absorbent.

A pink flush

Blush has to be every Pakistani girl’s favourite part of the routine. To look flushed but not sun-burnt, to have a healthy rosiness but not scarlet cheeks. Getting the perfect blush according to the desi skin-tone is a tricky balance to achieve but once acquired, it is truly transformational. Blush is an extremely step. It has the ability to bring life and innocence back into any face. This is where ST London’s blush steps in. It comes in 10 different shades and has an amazing formula. The rouge is in a powdered form but is creamy and oh so delightful. The blush-on has a variety for brown skin with warm and cool undertones, allowing women of all colours to enjoy and relish the pigmented beautiful buttery blush. Although powder, it claims to last all day long whilst giving a healthy glow-from-within look enriched with avocado oil and vitamin E. What more could you ask for?

The desi glam

The eyes chico, they never lie…

Eyeshadows are a great way to enhance the eyes, to portray your creativity and even to brighten up your mood. Zayfied a Pakistani makeup brand owned and run by a woman has an exceptional cosmetics line that is now starting to develop their skin-care range as well but their eyeshadows can be compared to the Huda Beauty eyeshadows at a third of the price. There are 3 different eyeshadow palettes by the brand. Mod Skot, Saloni and Shokh, apart from their incredibly creative names, are pigmented, luscious and perfectly blend-able eyeshades. The shimmers shine, the mattes are super saturated and the colours would wonderstruck anyone. The shades are designed to show up on brown skin tones without looking too heavy and creasing unnecessarily. The Saloni palette is perfect for a natural look or a full glam.

Add an oomph!

The MISS ROSE mascaras have taken everyone by surprise, costing less than a thousand rupees and performing the exact same as international brands. The brand has a huge variety of mascaras, around 12, which offer everything ranging from volumising, lengthening, coloured and curling lashes according to the user’s needs. The mascaras come in waterproof and in regular formulas, giving a clump free and a curled eyelash all day long. MISS ROSE Curling and Lengthening Mascara is a mascara for the people, it has both lengthening and volumising properties, giving the eyes that oomph we’re always looking for without the need to add falsies.

Seal with a kiss…

Coming to the finale of the face, the lips. The lips are an important aspect of the whole look, you can define your lips or enhance your natural shape, depending on your likes and what suits your face. But to have a comfortable lip is the most important part. Lipstick that crumbles off, settles into the fine lines of the lips or generally makes the lips dry can ruin the entire makeup look and your day. The lipsticks by J. Or Note by J., originally a clothing brand which branched out into the makeup world a couple of years back, are just what you’re looking for. Their makeup line is halal, pocket-friendly and stunning, especially the lipsticks and lip glosses by J. are something that most people would be genuinely surprised by. They are comfortable on the lips; offer a wide range of colours with different pigments to especially suit desi skin tones and are long lasting. From lip liners, lipsticks, lip glosses and to even lip care products - they are a delight to wear. The lipsticks are hydrating yet long-lasting, the lip glosses are rich and silky but non-sticky. The perfect combination to make your lips lustrous and plump.