Cosying up for Fall

By You Desk
Tue, 09, 23

This week You! takes a look at the upcoming fashion and makeup trends for the fall season…

Cosying up for Fall


No matter how much you love the warmer months, after weeks of heat, the thought of wrapping yourself in a cosy sweater or shawl and swapping out your sandals for a pair of chunky loafers is a welcome change - and that change is nearly here. Autumn is just around the corner. Summer is blissful in its own right, but we’d be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn’t welcome the beautiful, crisp first days of autumn with open arms. But keep in mind that a new season means one very exciting thing: new trends. From ’90s minimalism to a focus on elevated basics, as well as a resurgence of commanding power suits.

Changing up your wardrobe for the season is a rite of passage, and that goes for your makeup bag too. Luxe touches, rich textures, eye-catching colours, glam and goth lips, artful hair and extra-terrestrial lewks - autumn is looking bright beauty-wise.

Breathe some new life into your closet and vanity with these fall trends, which you’re about to see everywhere. Ahead, we break down all the top autumn fashion and makeup trends…

Red hot

For fall 2023, the motto is ‘the bolder, the better’. And what better colour defines that motto than red. As opposed to the typically muted earth tones, you’d expect for fall, the hue is bold and beguiling, handily commanding a room or a social feed. No matter your choice of red - a tonal outfit is the easiest way to make a statement this season. If you’re too afraid to go completely red, try adding in pieces of this fiery colour such as a red bag, heels or even a red lipstick.

Cosying up for Fall

Back to basics

Whether you’re heading to the office for a casual Friday or are taking your laptop and heading to a coffee shop to romanticise your work-from-home routine, this ensemble will have you covered. A crisp white button-up and straight jeans are a no-brainer year-round, but with such a basic base, the devil is in the details. A pair of ballet flats, a suede bag, and earrings that deliver a subtle statement are what make this look worthy of being repeated throughout the entirety of the season.

Make a statement

If you were still under the impression that wearing loungewear to work from home makes no difference to your productivity levels, this season’s take on power dressing will make you do a complete 180. From the needle-sharp shoulders to sculpted suits, the office attire can make anyone feel like the chicest, most admired, and most powerful person in the boardroom and beyond. It’s time to invest in a tie, sleek pencil skirt or pants, and blazer that looks custom tailored for your exact measurements.

Chunkily versatile

If there is one jewellery piece to buy for fall 2023, it is the chunky earring. It is simple but captivating, especially in shades of gold and silver. We’re seeing a rising appetite for outfit-finishing statement earrings that designers are delivering for fall. On the runways, designers styled them with everything from elegant eveningwear to simple tank tops, so they’re intended to be worn for practically any occasion.

We’re blushing!

For a long time now, blush has been the hottest trend; on cheekbones, eyelids, outer-eye corners, temples and even noses. This season, it’s even replacing bronzer and highlighter as a way to create a healthy-looking complexion, meaning your pink, red, purple, coral or orangey blush can go everywhere. Specifically, hot pink blush is going to be everywhere, but you can adapt it to your own skin tone and preferred level of intensity. For major makeup lovers, bright blush draping (applying heavy blush on your cheekbones and temples) will deliver the drama you crave. For the ultimate natural flush, you can try mixing a drop of your foundation in with your liquid blush to make it look like an enhanced version of your complexion.

Cosying up for Fall

Go glossy

On lips, lids and cheekbones, a mere smear of translucent vinyl-effect gloss will get you the luxe texture you’re after while also elevating your look. To glow isn’t enough when you want to shine. There are quite a few products available in the market to achieve the reflection like glow on your skin. From serums to liquid highlighters. Find out what best suits your skin and texture and then indulge in this glossy trend. Shimmer-free highlighters and balms are also ideal for creating that supernatural dewy shine.

Shimmering gold

One of the most striking beauty trends in your upcoming looks is the choice of shimmering gold eyeshadow, which works to enhance the width of the eyes by applying it on the outer edges of the upper eyelids, reaching the brow boundaries. Illuminate the inner part of the eyelids with bright and shiny gold colour, and on the brow boundaries, draw a matte and bright brown colour outward in a connected and winged style. When applying this look, you can maintain a natural complexion with bronze waves on the sides, and define the lips with a natural, nude shade using a creamy flesh-toned contour for a natural effect.

Cosying up for Fall

The cat-eye

The famous cat-eye is probably the most becoming and attractive eyeliner look to date - and it works like a charm on pretty much any eye shape. The fall season has about a thousand iterations of it, from the classic to geometric lines to siren-eye styles to the super-bold block eyeliner. You can also opt to draw out this eyeliner in style in colours other than black for an even bolder look.

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