By Wallia Khairi
Tue, 06, 23

In an exclusive interview with You! Beena Ameen talks about her love for designing and where it all started…


Design has been my passion for as long as I remember,” expresses Beena Ameen, who started off with designing furniture back in 2007, and there has been no looking back for her since. She launched her first exhibition at the Aman House. After that exhibition, her work was recognised and appreciated and that is when she knew that this was her calling in life. This cemented her motivation to turn it into a business and that is where the birth of BA Furniture Design Studio took place.


Being in this industry and accumulating 18 years of experience and foreseeing the upcoming vision, the designer works to maintain her values and committed to deliver incomparable bespoke services. “Designing is a journey that goes beyond aesthetics and functionality to delve deeper into the theme of passion and sense of comfort in a sophisticated environment,” shares Beena. In an exclusive interview with You! Beena Ameen talks about her love for designing and where it all started…

You! Do you remember your first design project?

Beena Ameen: Since my childhood, I had this love for furniture and décor. I used to spend hours in furniture and hardware stores. One of my first productions was a coffee table I designed, which was huge in size and encrusted with thumb tags and gems. I was the first one in Pakistan to use thumb tags and semi-precious gems on wood. I used Firoza and emeralds on this piece in variations.

Another memorable project was back in 2013, when I started a collection called ‘T-series’ by Beena. This included tables (coffee tables, console tables, end-tables, trays, tea trolley, table trays etc.) Experimentation in unusual colours and hand paint made this a super hit.


You! Which field of design are you most interested in?

BA: I formally took courses in design over the time as a product designer. This includes designing anything and everything under the umbrella of products. I started off with furniture design and interiors and later, did brand extensions for fashion, including clothes, jewellery, accessories and much more. We have production facilities for all these, as well. But furniture designing will always be my first love.

You! What is your design philosophy?

BA: Nature has given us exquisite design resources and more righteousness composed in it. Our design concept works on the inspiration of nature’s biomorphic designs and patterns combined with modern aspects to present bespoke luxurious embroidery designs.

You! What are the architectural and designing trends popular this year?
Design trends for this year are mostly on contemporary styles, natural stone surfaces, mixed metal finishes and luxe finishes. With changing times, spaces are getting smaller, apartment living is getting more common, hence, people are opting for minimalist designs.


You! What is the most rewarding aspect of your job as a designer?

BA: There can’t be anything more rewarding in life than have what you love to do as your profession. I take it as a blessing. Goes without saying when your clients appreciate you - that’s the best high one can get.

You! From your point of view, is design an art or a science?

BA: Design is both art and science. They say a design without functionality is worthless. So, you do need science to make it functional. I would say, it has to be the right balance of art and science which creates a good product.

You! What are some of your biggest inspirations?

BA: Inspirations change time to time. A location, a surrounding, a colour, a movie, a museum - anything could give you inspiration. There are times I dream about a collection and then create it. The trip to Egypt and visiting the Cairo museum was one of the biggest inspirations. With me, there are times I am not able to create anything and sometimes, I am able to design an entire collection in one night.

You! If you had no limits (money, resources), what would you create?

BA: A car, an airplane, a castle. You cannot limit creativity and design.

You! Share something you would like the world to know about you or your ideas:


BA: My team and I prioritise user-centred designs, collaborations, communication, sustainability and ethical considerations in our work. We focus on creativity and problem solving. Designers recognise the importance of collaboration and communication in design process. We work closely with clients and other members of design and production team to ensure that everyone is on the same page and the final product meets the needs and expectations of all involved.

You! Do you consider aestheticism or functionality to be more important?

BA: I would say both are equally important. But if given a choice, one can compromise on design but not on functionality.

You! If a client kept rejecting all your designs, what would you do?


BA: My team and I have a detailed discussion with them as to their likes, dislikes, lifestyle, climatic conditions and much more. Based on that, we present them a design which we think will match their requirement. I believe, a client has full right to keep rejecting till they are satisfied for exactly what they want. And as a designer, our job gets more exciting with such challenges.

You! Which of your work sample involved more technical expertise?

BA: Upholstery or fabrication and colours. In interiors, one has to provide samples to the client to select exactly what they require. We do suggest options we think are best for them, but I always believe their input is equally important. I never believe in enforcing my design on them. Because they are the ones who will live with the pieces and thus, have to reflect who they are.

You! Which interior design course was the most difficult for you and why?

BA: Nothing is difficult if it interests you and everything is difficult if it doesn’t interest you.

You! What do you need to consider when designing?

BA: Depends. If I am creating a piece or collection for retail, that could be from any of my inspirations. Whereas, if on requirement for a client (order based) then we keep their lifestyle, personality, surroundings into consideration.

You! What do you know about sustainable design?

BA: Sustainable Design also known as green design or eco-friendly design is self-explanatory. The basic objective of sustainability is to reduce consumption of non-renewable recourses, minimise waste and create healthy productive environment.


You! Do you travel in order to gain knowledge or get inspired for your work?

BA: Yes, I attend international conferences, specialist talks and exhibitions. This helps you learn something new each time you attend. It also helps to stay in touch with the fraternity and international trends. I believe you learn till you breathe.

You! What’s next? Any upcoming projects?

BA: Few residential and office private projects. I did a four-star hotel project in Jeddah, recently. One of my very dear upcoming projects is ‘Creek Marina Private Limited’.

You! What advice do you have for young designers or architects reading this interview?

BA: The reality begins when you get into the field. That’s when you learn the most. So, never think

you know it all. There is always room to learn more and more.