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Tue, 06, 23

In its recently held event #LFPowWow2 (a word for community gathering) enabled 40 women SMEs (small and medium size entrepreneurs) to network and sell their products....


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Ladiesfund was established in 2007 as an initiative to provide financial security to women and to promote and train women entrepreneurs. It aims to integrate the entrepreneurial needs based on the economic and social aspects of the local communities, with respect to greater women participation in the workforce.

In its recently held event #LFPowWow2 (a word for community gathering) enabled 40 women SMEs (small and medium size entrepreneurs) to network and sell their products. While 20 women SMEs showcased their products and services on stage and online to a global audience. This capacity-building workshop was held at Second Cup Cafe, Karachi, is a unique way for women entrepreneurs to learn how to pitch their products in a time-bound stage showcase, where an audience can ask questions and they get a feel for the market response to their products. They could also share their achievements in a supportive sisterhood of likeminded women.

Spotted at the event were Moneeza Butt, Mehreen Hamza Tabani, Varah Mussavir, Khursheed Hyder, Sana Pirzada and Zoreed Raza, among others. Ladiesfund President Tara Uzra Dawood hosted the event and selected mentors presented their mentees to the audience.

Each guest brought their products including digital art & craft, home accessories printing, jewelleries, natural preservation products and organic skin products etc. Star of the event was a 9-year-old girlpreneur - Fareeha Kashif who quills stunning framed art pieces commercially.


“We continue to transform the way power spaces and networking at the highest level take place as we place women front row and centre in these conversations, providing a platform where they have a voice and receive respect from the get-go. With this second PowWow, we are growing this pool, both by our selected mentors and the amazing women who are presenting their products and services,” stated Tara Uzra Dawood.

“The PowWow sessions are a great way to help women-based SME’s to build confidence and overcome their fears of addressing large audiences while still representing their business. These are great to encourage networking and facilitate their growth,” elucidated craftpreneur Varah Mussavir, Pakistan’s own Firefly Girl who was a mentor.

“As a woman entrepreneur, I believe that the true measure of success lies not just in our own achievements, but in the empowerment of other women who dream of making a difference, PowWow does just that. Let us inspire, support, and uplift each other, and together, we can break down barriers and shatter glass ceilings. A special shout-out to Tara Uzra Dawood for letting me be a part of such an amazing community,” commented Mehreen Hamza Tabani, owner of Allure by MHT, who was a mentee.

“Feeling very proud to be the part of PowWow. It remained a wonderful new experience, learned how to present my brand, and learned networking. I have got new customers, some new helpful guidelines and social highlights that really very supportive for my small business. Very thankful to Tara, Irum Fawad and the entire team of LadiesFund for such a great opportunity,” expressed Irma Naz Khatri, Founder, Irma Herbals.

“I feel proud to have been able to showcase my brand at the PowWow event. It was a wonderful learning and inspiring experience for me to present my products in such an empowering way,” concluded Mehwish Shanan, founder, Zulf & Co.

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