“I love playing a variety of characters” - Sonya Hussyn

By Kaukab Jahan
Tue, 06, 23

This week You! is in conversation with Sonya Hussyn, a celebrated television and film actor...

“I love playing a variety of characters” - Sonya Hussyn


Sonya Hussyn is one of the sought-after actors of the entertainment industry. Born and raised in Karachi, Hussyn did her bachelor’s in mass communication. However, she chose to make her career in showbiz. In 2011 Hussyn made her debut in the entertainment industry with the drama serial ‘Dareecha’. She then played leading roles in several hit series, including ‘Mujhay Sandal Kar Do’ (2012); ‘Mein Hari Piya’ (2013); ‘Shikwa’ (2014); ‘Marasim’ (2014); ‘Nikah’ (2015); ‘Kisay Chahoon’ (2016); ‘Aisi Hai Tanhai’ (2017); ‘Aangan’(2018); ‘Ishq Zahe Naseeb’ (2019); ‘Muhabbat Tuhje Alvida’ (2019); ‘Saraab’ (2020) and ‘Tinkay Ka Sahara’ (2022) where she impressed the audience with her acting skills.

“I love playing a variety of characters” - Sonya Hussyn

She made her film debut in 2015 with the psychological thriller ‘Moor’, in which she played the lead role of Amber. She has since starred in the films ‘Azaadi’ (2018) and ‘Tich Button’ (2022). When it comes to versatility in acting, the name Sonya Hussyn comes amongst top. In her recent film, ‘Daadal’, Sonya has played a boxer from Lyari. Besides being a boxer, her character Haya Baloch is also an undercover serial killer. Sonya considers this character a diverse one for her career. This week You! talks to this beautiful and versatile actor about her film and television career and her future plans. Read on...

You! What inspired you take up the role of a serial killer, in your recent movie ‘Daadal’?

Sonya Hussyn: I love playing demanding roles. I opted to play the character of Haya in ‘Daadal’ as it’s a challenging role. She is innocent in the beginning, but circumstances force her to become a serial killer. I enjoyed performing this complex character.

My biggest inspiration for this character was Lyari itself, form where the story of the film is derived. Though at present, the area is relatively peaceful and the overall situation is much better but we all know there was a time when Lyari was called a no-go area. There were warlords and gangsters involved in shooting and target killing each other. We all have witnessed these things in past. So, I tried to adapt that to portray my character. Actually, the story of the film revolves around those difficult and horrendous times.

You! Did you get any boxing training for the film?

“I love playing a variety of characters” - Sonya Hussyn

SH: Yes. We had trainers for that. Though, I am quite fond of sports but had never been into boxing. Moreover, boxing is a very tough sport but my instructor worked really hard to make me learn boxing. I practiced it for many days and yes, got many bruises as well but at the end of the day, it was fun.

You! How was the experience of rap dance on a song by EvaB?

SH: Oh. That is a very touchy song by Eva B. That song actually picturised the whole scenario of Lyari of yesteryears. It is close to reality and whoever saw that, related to it. Eva has wonderfully performed that song. I appreciate her a lot for shining in the industry coming from a relatively underprivileged area.

You! You have done very few films, why?

SH: I hope that our film industry would come up with more ideas and then more films. Film is a medium which can give you recognition internationally. No doubt our dramas are known all over the world for their quality content but when it comes to films, we still lag behind. I wish that more dedicated filmmakers, writers and directors come forward. At the moment, our drama directors are trying their best to fill the gap, but we need more educated filmmakers. So, probably I will do more films in future.

“I love playing a variety of characters” - Sonya Hussyn

You! What do you prefer: movies or dramas?

SH: Without a doubt, I will always prefer acting in dramas because this medium is for family entertainment. At the moment, our public is reluctant to go to cinemas to watch films. I feel we first need to build their trust by giving them good movies that have strong story lines and quality content. Our dramas are being watched and appreciated, even in our neighbouring countries.

You! You have done so many characters in your career, any character you still dream to portray?

SH: There are still too many but, I strongly look forward to playing the character of a blind girl. I have a script with me in which I am offered to play a girl who is blind but efficient in playing chess. I really am considering that role. So, hopefully soon you will see me playing that.