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By You Desk
Tue, 03, 23

You all must have heard about the much hyped ‘Unique Weight loss & Wellness Retreat’ which is going to take place in Hunza this May. This programme is crafted by Zainab Sarwar, a well-known yogi and nutritionist based in Dubai. This week Zainab talks about this Wellness Retreat with our readers. Read on...

Something exciting is coming your way...


You! Tell us in detail about this retreat?

Zainab Sarwar: This retreat is meticulously crafted after a lot of hard work and research, so it’s more than a mini vacation. This is a form of travel that is meant to boost health and wellbeing through physical, psychological and spiritual activities. This weight loss retreat is going to set things right in order to speed up metabolism giving you the perfect starting point towards a healthy lifestyle. This programme is perfect for everyone looking for a healthier lifestyle and wants to experience all aspects of wellness i.e. food, exercise, stress release, natural environment, emotional well-being, etc.

The retreat comprises guaranteed fat-loss yoga sessions, meals customised according to every participant’s health profile, amazing tours and activities, powerful meditation sessions, musical nights, bonfire, forest bathing, colour therapy, complimentary body alignment session and above all, we are committed to provide you a luxurious resort experience at ‘Offto Resort’ in Hunza. It’s a premium world-class experience which offers a complete wellness solution.

You! Can you elaborate on the weight-loss experience offered in this retreat?

ZS: Our yoga sequences will help you drop some serious fat. Every yoga sequence is designed to give you a full body workout effect and you will witness the magic within three days. We will be taking body measurements of each participant prior to start of the retreat and after three days, we will be repeating those measurements to see a drop. Our yoga sequences guarantee fat-loss. We will be looking at each factor responsible for weight gain i.e. stress, blocked energy channels, diet, exercise, hydration, relaxation techniques, digestion, quality me-time, etc.

Something exciting is coming your way...

Our weight loss teas, detox drinks, seasonal fruits and vegetables, free range chicken and grass fed Yak beef, grains, dairy, herbs, local spices will be 100 per cent organic and would be extremely beneficial for improving your gut health.

Being a nutritionist, I will be designing diet therapies according to each participant’s individual health profile. This complete health evaluation will be done after participant registration for the retreat. All meals will be prepared by Offto resort’s chef under my complete guidance. I will be supervising each and every participant’s diet to make sure no one falls off the fitness bandwagon and provide the right guidance wherever needed throughout the retreat. Through this complete dietary supervision, our participants will gain a lot of insight about how to make it a complete lifestyle change.

You! Can you shed light on the powerful meditation sessions you offer at the retreat?

ZS: An important part of maintaining overall well-being is to be aware of your auric field and how we are going to protect it with our unique meditation sessions offered for the first time in Pakistan through this retreat.

Everyone has a unique Aura, which an oval energy field is made up of several layers extending approximately 3 feet around you. Aura cleansing is achieved through techniques including balancing your chakras. Unbalanced chakras are reflected in your aura but at times, you might be unaware that an imbalance exists. Sometimes, you just feel out of sorts and don’t know where those feelings are coming from.

Your aura is very susceptible to taking in another person’s energies without you even knowing it. At times you may be in a great mood before a meeting and in anticipation of connecting with old friends or acquaintances. While having a great time at a party, you may suddenly discover changes in your mood with feelings of sadness and anger for no apparent reason. This type of incident is an indication that your aura needs cleansing.

To cleanse your aura is an act of personal healing because it holds information about your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. It continually processes positive and negative information about your personal experience, your five senses and even your sixth sense intuition. It will provide you with complete digital detox, as well. We have included a powerful Aura healing and energy healing meditation session in this retreat which will renew you from inside out.

Something exciting is coming your way...

You! How is this retreat different than the other wellness retreats being offered in Pakistan?

ZS: Pakistan has only hosted wellness yoga retreats until now which were mainly focused on sight-seeing along with yoga sessions. This is the first time in Pakistan that we are bringing together all elements of Wellness i.e. food , exercise, stress release, natural environment , physical, psychological well-being and spiritual activities through this world-class retreat in association with Offto resort, Hunza, Pakistan. This premium experience is only offered in few parts of the world. Now, people don’t have to fly miles away to other countries to get it.

The group size would be 25 participants so that each member gets individual attention. We are accepting participants from all over the world. No prior experience in yoga is required to begin this beautiful journey towards self-healing.

*This programme is meant for all, not only for those looking to lose weight.

You can book the retreat by reaching out at the following numbers: +92 3145992262, +92 5813550001

Zainab can be reached at, or @lifestylebyzainabsarwar on Instagram.