By S. K
Fri, 09, 22

Here is a list of some cool inventions of the year 2022 …



Inventions, usually, change the world for the better by filling up gaps between our expectations and the available products. Since time unclocked, curiosity-driven humans have invented innumerable objects that have not only helped the humankind, but also inspired many other inventions, and the trend has been ever-growing. Here is a list of some cool inventions of the year 2022 …

Flexwarm Smart Jacket

With built-in heating elements placed at chest, wrist, and back parts, it’s designed to keep you hot even in a cold environment. It comes with special sensors to let you adjust the heat output as per your convenience. As for design, it sports a stylish look that can match the fashion quotient of both sports and fashionistas. Not to mention, it comes in a variety of designs to suit different tastes.

Water Walker & Spa


Whether you are a fitness freak or a health-conscious person, you are going to love this aqua treadmill. Water Walker & Spa has a striking similarity with a modern bathtub and comes with a moving surface at the bottom for walking or even running. Probably the best part about this aqua treadmill is the ability to let you carry your workout at your own pace. For instance, you can fine-tune the speed and go about doing your workout. What’s more, it also works admirably as a spa bath so that you can relax after a rigorous workout.

The Wearable Reading Light

There might be times when you want to read a book before hitting the bed without disturbing anyone. While a lot of people use a night lamp for this purpose, there’s a dedicated reading light which might just be what you’re looking for. Worn around the neck, the gadget offers 2,700 Kelvin of warm white light and 7,000 Kelvin of cold white light. You get up to 16 hours of usage from a single charge and it takes around 2.5 hours for a complete charge with the bundled USB cable.

Spin On lamp


Spin On is a lamp for your inner child. You can use a spinning top to switch on and off the lamp. Interestingly, the top will keep spinning as long as the base is powered, thanks to the electromagnet present inside. This way, you don’t have to manually spin the top after a while. You can also use the touch sensor to tap to turn on the lamp.


Get ready to forget your woes of spending hours getting adamant stains out of your clothes using soap bars. Because it’s time for ultrasonic solutions to take over and Dolfi is an example of how technology can transform the way we wash clothes. Using carefully modulated ultrasonic waves, Dolfi knocks dirt out of your clothes automatically without even requiring you to dedicate any time to washing. Just keep the dirty laundry in a bucket filled with water and detergent, and let Dolfi clean them for you.

Geopress Purifier


Obtaining potable water is a major challenge when you’re off-grid and this is where handheld filters come into play. You must have heard of LifeStraw which lets you drink water directly from any running stream without worrying about any impurities and Geopress takes it a step further.

Geopress Purifier uses zeolites for ion exchange along with an activated carbon filter to remove disease-causing viruses, bacteria, protozoan, heavy metals, and other chemical impurities from almost any dirty stream of water, making it suitable for drinking. With Geofilter, you can not only instantly filter dirty water and prevent diseases like Rotavirus and Hepatitis A but also store 24oz (710ml) for thirst on the go.



KEY-X makes it to our list of awesome inventions because it guarantees that dreams and aspirations cannot be bound by physical disabilities. KEY-X is a special keyboard designed for specially-abled people and instead of using individual keys, has a cluster of letters around each button. The keys are soft to touch and can be enabled with a gentle nudge although they’re engineered to bear with rough usage.

The keyboard is as good as a normal USB keyboard and does not require any special installation or software to couple with it. It also supports a variety of other accessories such as a smart eye detector or a single click switch so that those suffering from much more severe ailments like motor neuron disease can also utilize the features of this great invention.



Boston Dynamics’ Spot Mini, which looks like a dog, may have left us with the impression that robots of the future will be scary but Nybble might change this opinion. Nybble is a small and cute cat-shaped robot that sits, walks, stands on its hind limbs, and can learn to perform many more new tricks.

Nybble is not meant to be a full-fledged robot but a STEM toy based on Raspberry Pi designed to teach kids about how to assemble, program, and even hack robots. So whether it is to watch a cute robot kitten learn tricks or fight out with others of its form, Nybble is surely one of the cutest and most awesome inventions one can think of.



It is a tiny cleaning robot which disinfects your bed from unwanted pathogens, especially bacteria such as E.coli.

The robot cleaner is built in with 18 AI-backed smart modes to automatically clean any bed and has four UV lights to not just sanitize your bedding but also the air. CleanseBot weight less than half a pound and can be a great companion for your trips, especially when you’re not sure about the cleanliness in a hotel, and its compact form and great utility make it one of the most amazing and awesome inventions we’ve witnessed.

- Compiled by S.K