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Fri, 05, 21

What I find best about Us is its name: it gives me a sense of ownership, because it belongs to us, the readers!

Hi Ed,

I have been reading Us since my teenage. I still remember fighting my siblings to read it first! Then, I became a university student and got so busy that my younger siblings got to read it without any word from me. I used to read it, but only when I had time to spare from my studies. Now that I am a young mother, I still find it interesting. What I find best about Us is its name: it gives me a sense of ownership, because it belongs to us, the readers! I find the content more diverse than it was in my early youth (at 26, I still fall under the ‘youth’ category), but I would love to see more articles on fashion trends. I remember the time when actual shoots were published, especially at Eid times. Keep up the good work, Team Us!

Sadia Ahmed, Lahore

Hello Eddy,

The issue of May 7 was really great, as there was such good stuff to read! Part two of ‘Turn’ by my favourite writer Saniyyah made my day! And that day got brighter after reading ‘The lost art of reading’ by Zeeshan Ahsan Khalid. What a comprehensive article! More power to you, dear writers! Keep writing, keep us entertained!

Sagheer Saeed, Multan

Hi there, Team Us,

I think the next issue of Us will appear on Eid Day, so hoping to see at least one engagement ceremony in ‘The Eid engagement and other weddings’! Ed, I was happy to see ‘The Green Room’ this week (May 7), and hope that from now onwards, we will get to read it regularly. The cover story ‘Manu’s letter (April 30) was so good! It is really sad the way our government has ignored the plight of children totally. They should have the opportunity of going to school and make something out of their life. It was a touching story, and credit goes to Maleeha Durrani for highlighting this issue.

Anaya Hyat, Rawalpindi


Narrated ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab:

The Prophet said, “The rewards (of deeds) are according to the intention, and everybody will get the reward for what he has intended. So whoever emigrated for Allah’s and His Apostle’s sake, his emigration was for Allah and His Apostle; and whoever emigrated for worldly benefits, or to marry a woman, then his emigration was for the thing for what he emigrated for.”

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 8


Lubna Khalid


Shermeen Zuberi

Tooba Ghani

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