Bright and ambitious – Muhammad Faizan Sheikh

By Tooba Ghani
Fri, 03, 21

Let’s get to know about Muhammad Faizan Sheikh....


What does success mean to you?

It’s a great feeling when you are blessed with success. I know my struggles and I am proud of it. Success keeps me motivated and pushes me to do better than before.

Something you learned early in your career?

It’s a never-ending struggle. You have to keep doing better than before to entertain audiences.

Did you get any formal education for this career?

Yes. I was a film and TV student. Almost graduated :)

Do you believe good looks and connections are the only things that make a star?

Not in my book. Your talent is your biggest strength.

How has social media changed things for you?

It has brought me closer to my fans. I love interacting with people. Social media can be tricky at times but I am okay at it.

The funniest thing or gossip you have heard about yourself?

That I was born in 1980.

Reflecting on your career, what lessons have you learned and how have they helped you evolve?

Never compromise on the quality of work. Own everything that you do and give it your all. Ive become a better performer keeping all of this in my mind.

How do you deal with self-doubt?

If there is any, I address it. I share what’s bothering with my close people and take suggestions. It helps.


Date of birth and star

Sept 5th; Virgo

The best thing about being a teenager was

Used to be so carefree

The worst thing about being a teenager was

Couldn’t make choices for myself

I was always listening to

Ghazals and qawalis

My favourite actor

Faysal Qureshi and Denzel Washington

My favourite singer

Sajjad Ali

My favourite super hero


My favourite movie

Batman Trilogy

My favourite book

The Best Thing about You is You!

My closet was full of

A lot of clothes and shoes

My friends were

Always there for me

My first crush was

Back in school

What hurt me the most was

When I was cheated on

My dream was to become

A cricketer

Relations with family were

Always good

My school was

Very meh

My favourite subject was


My least favourite subject was


I couldn’t stand

A liar

My favourite food


My favourite hangout


My favourite sport was


I couldn’t live without

My family