The ‘bed’ effect

By Magazine Desk
Tue, 08, 15

The colour and fabric of the bed sheet you choose for your bedroom is extremely important. You! takes a look...

If you like to sleep well and wake up each morning feeling refreshed then nothing can help you more than a comfortable bed sheet set. A bed sheet is not just a rectangular cloth used to cover the mattress of your bed, but it portrays your taste and aesthetic sense and can greatly affect the way you live your life as well.  Here are some tips that can help you turn your life around.

Choose the colour wisely:
The colour of the bed sheet you choose is extremely important. Not only does it change the appearance of the room but also has a powerful impact on behaviours, moods, and physical health. A harmony of colours of the bed sheets, pillow covers, wall curtains and bedroom wall colour creates an atmosphere of relaxation. It can also improve one’s sleep pattern.

The blues: Bedding sets with colours like light blue and sky blue are sleep friendly and encourage good sleep. Blue bedding induces a ‘good rest and pleasant dreams’ and is mainly recommended to people who are sleep deprived or disturbed often by nightmares. Interior decorators suggest that light blue bedding soothes your mind and reduces stress.

Pretty violet: The colour violet helps encourage meditation, calms anxiety, and slows down muscle responses. Lighter shades of purple are a much better choice for a creative, feminine, and sophisticated room.

Go green: If you like green then this shade has many advantages. This colour has stress-relieving effects; in fact, spiritual healers recommend green shades in order to reduce muscle pain. A dark green sheet is a symbol of fresh air, while light green brings peace, and tranquillity. Brown and green bedding enhances relaxation and helps you wake up fresh. While forest green colour tones of bedding sets add freshness to the bedroom. In short, green bedding sets help people unite with the nature and enjoy emotional balance.

Say hello to yellow: Yellow bedding gives sunny and bright effects and makes you feel cheerful. It also has the capability of boosting your mood. From health point of view, yellow colour bedding helps in getting rid of depression and strengthens the nervous system. Combinations of yellow and orange shades are perfect for optimistic bedroom decorating ideas.

Tangy orange: Orange is the colour of optimism and creative energy. Dark rust orange colour bedding encourages making plans. While peach and pinkish-orange bedding sets help fight fatigue.

The red bed: Red is the colour of passion and fire. Red bedding sets, especially with the combination of silk threads symbolise a sexy and seducing lifestyle. Coral red and pinkish red bedding sets look vivid, stimulating and are mostly suitable for bridal bedroom sets. Reddish pink bedding fabric, on the other hand, creates a romantic and seducing effect.

Think pink: Pink is said to be the colour of universal love and good sleep. Pink bedding encourages feeling of love and romance and enhances the feeling of a comfortable and safe bedroom environment.

Tip: Bright colours are suitable for the winter season and can give your bedroom a lively look. Mixing and matching patterns looks good if your bedding style is compatible with the bedroom furniture. Home decor experts suggest, choosing patterns with similar colour tones or patterns with one or two unifying colour blends. Choose large patterns to create a harmonious space and go for small patterns to draw attention to a specific area of the room.

Quality counts:
Many of us focus more on the print and colour of the bed sheet and completely disregard the fact that quality counts too. After all you have to sleep on that very bed sheet and you will certainly feel like a princess if the bed sheet is soft and smooth. Amongst the other fabrics available, cotton is the most popular fabric during the summer season because it gives a cool and soft feel. Sellers claim that you will hardly ever wake up sticky on cotton sheets, since the fibre wicks absorb all the moisture.

There are also cotton-polyester blend bed sheets that are wrinkle-resistant and are long lasting. Polyester sheets are generally the cheapest but these sheets tend to be scratchy and stiff. Since polyester does not breathe like a natural fabric, this may lead to more sweating at night.

However, for a pure luxury bedding style, nothing beats silk. The cons of silk sheets are that they are expensive, delicate and need extra washing care. Avoid satin-style sheets made of polyester; as they give uncomfortable scratchy feeling against the skin.