Fri, 07, 19

Roger Federer is the first man to reach 100 wins at the All England Club.....

History rewritten

Roger Federer is the first man to reach 100 wins at the All England Club.The 37-year-old shook off a nervy start to beat Kei Nishikori in the quarter-final on Centre Court.

He won his first match at SW19 as a 19-year-old in 2001, beating Belgian Christophe Rochus, and never expected to bring his ton up. “It’s special,” he admitted. “It’s been a lot of years I’ve been coming here, you know. That’s given me the opportunity to win a lot naturally.

“It’s nice, because if I look back at the 100 that have happened, some were so incredibly cool. A hundred wins here at Wimbledon. Who would have thought? I didn’t, for sure.”

A playground of the imagination

A massive mechanical elephant marched the streets of London for four days. It was part of a parade created by visual artist Helen Marriage, whose goal was to transform a city into a playground of the imagination. It took seven years for her to make this dream a reality. Millions of people showed up to witness the amazing spectacle. “It was our first show, and it changed the nature of the appreciation of culture, not in a gallery, not in a theater, not in an opera house, but live and on the streets, transforming public space for the broadest possible audience, people who would never buy a ticket to see anything,” Helen says. “[Imagination] can transform our physical surroundings, but in doing so, we can change forever how we feel and how we feel about the people that we share the planet with.”

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